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Pinentry (includes pinentry-qt and pinentry-gnome3) Pinentry packages. You should never use this ppa in xenial! (y... 3 73
PPA named x2go for Reinhard Tartler x2go packages basend on the FAU git branches: -> http://i4git.... 19 52
X2Go Baikal PPA Bundle release of X2Go named ,,Baikal'' (based on X2Go Server ... 14 177
X2Go nightly (heuler) PPA X2Go packages for testing purpose (nightly builds) 37 1366
X2Go stable (main) PPA Quick howto to turn your machine into an X2Go server: sudo ap... 28 1024
serveur sudo add-apt-repository ppa:kranich/server --yes ; sudo apt-ge... 26 194
Αποθετήριο Τεχνικής Στήριξης ΣΕΠΕΗΥ Το αποθετήριο της Υπηρεσίας Τεχνικής Στήριξης ΣΕΠΕΗΥ (http://t... 45 204
17 of 7 results