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PPA name Description Sources Binaries
Pinentry (includes pinentry-qt and pinentry-gnome3) Pinentry packages. You should never use this ppa in xenial! (y... 3 73
PPA named x2go for Reinhard Tartler x2go packages basend on the FAU git branches: -> http://i4git.... 19 52
X2Go Baikal PPA Bundle release of X2Go named ,,Baikal'' (based on X2Go Server ... 14 177
serveur sudo add-apt-repository ppa:kranich/server --yes ; sudo apt-ge... 26 194
Αποθετήριο Τεχνικής Στήριξης ΣΕΠΕΗΥ Το αποθετήριο της Υπηρεσίας Τεχνικής Στήριξης ΣΕΠΕΗΥ (http://t... 45 204
15 of 5 results