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Jasmine Iwanek's PPA Experimental DIB Engine for Wine This can be enabled by setti... 11 47
Wine + DX Library font hack Wine + "DX Library font cache hack" patch (a dirty workaround ... 2 88
Wine Patched for Games Wine builds patched to make certain games work better. ATTENT... 3 28
Winepulse == NOTE == The Ubuntu-Wine PPA ( 8 31
Pali PPA Pali PPA has following packages: Applications:  - Slovak and ... 98 624
vkd3d patched Patched vkd3d package to work with World of Warcraft Install ... 4 42
PPA for Scott Ritchie My personal packages for various testing, usually Wine-related... 12 61
Wine-fakebold for CJK As CJK, One faced font(ex: Gulim, MS Gothic .etc)used languge ... 1 7
PPA for LMMS Packages of Linux Multimedia Studio including freedesktop inte... 1 21
gopenvpn gopenvpn is a simple graphical front-end for OpenVPN, the open... 1 2
winepulse Wine 1.3.11-0ubuntu1~lucidppa1 from the ubuntu-wine PPA with t... 1 8
wine-cn This PPA contains a lot of wine-cn related projects, wine pac... 6 18
wine-cn-intrepid This PPA contains a lot of wine-cn related projects, wine pack... 2 3
Patrick's Wine Stuff This PPA contains modified versions of those contained in the ... 1 7
Swooshy's wine repo This is where I'm going to be sticking my versions of wine and... 7 24
Wine CSMT Builds This ppa packs wine from here; 3 24
Wine w/ Vertex Blending This build of wine contains the software vertex blending patch... 1 14
vongrippen This PPA contains Wine builds including the experimental DIB e... 3 8
WINE Leauge of Legends Provides WINE with the ole patch and some other tools for inst... 1 4
Wine Staging PPA Putting wine packages here before pushing them to the official... 1 6
Wine Wizard (DEPRECATED) Wine Wizard is a new GUI for Wine written in Qt. Upstream: ht... 1 1
Featured Mesa This ppa includes some packages from mesa source that was disa... 1 25
Gallium Nine Test PPA WARNING: don't use this PPA - it is no longer updated since th... 1 64
wfwname sudo add-apt-repository -y ppa:wineforwot/ppa && sudo apt-get ... 3 15
WINE Backport of WINE *** Total downloads of 1.8.7: 2421 3 39
FeSTige Ubuntu packages for FeSTige (a GUI for 'fst' and 'dssi-vst'). ... 6 72
Wine + Pulse + USB Just repackaging with USB patches recommended from http://wik... 5 10
starcraft improve starcraft performance in wine 1 7
wine2g Wine 2g 1 32
wine3g Wine 3g 1 51
PPA for Gabriel Thörnblad Wine with Max's DIB-enginge patches applied. See http://bugs.w... 1 2
PPA for Vineyard Libraries and graphical utilities for using and configuring Wi... 2 10
miscellaneous packages Currently only contains patched wine for d2gs running. 3 4
wine-patch Patched wine for fix Bug #205895( 1 4
Pipelight Pipelight allows one to run Silverlight inside a Linux browser... 1 14
Wine Updated wine packages for Ubuntu Willy, based on the xenial-on... 1 6
Wine 1.4 + vertex blending patch Patched wine 1.4 for Ubuntu 12.04 Precise for vertex blending ... 1 9
Wine LOL - Oneiric A copy of excellent Wine LOL PPA for Oneiric Ubuntu. This PPA ... 1 1
dnjl's Multimedia PPA Here you will find some multimedia related stuff. Using this ... 32 162
jurawwwdn avesta ttf fonts wine is patched with disable-dynamic-vertex-... 2 21
wine wine 1 11
wine-gaming Unofficial versions of wine meant to support as much games as ... 1 6
AMDGPU kernel including DAL, enables HDMI sound THIS PPA REPOSITORY IS OUTDATED. Unfortunately the builds with... 2 1
CoreAVC-for-Ubuntu IMPORTANT: Using coreavc with these builds is completely optio... 8 92
Equalizer for Alsa (Alsaequal) Fix Alsa's error "Cannot open shared library /usr/lib/alsa-lib... 2 8
Fix for bug 899159 - [snb-gt2] GPU lockup render.IPEHR: 0x7b0... This PPA contains a possible fix for the following issue: [snb... 1 37
PPA Miscellaneous fixes, tweaks and addons. wine1.3: Wine + WineP... 3 20
PPA for panaut0lordv Wine patched for Warcraft III 1 1
Parental Time Curb This repo is dedicated to just the Parental Time Curb project.... 1 1
Pidgin stuff A patched pidgin-musictracker package to include Spotify runni... 1 1
Pronote PPA Simple PPA to Install 'Client Pronote 2016' !!! WARNING : Nee... 1 7
Ubuntu Multimedia for Trusty Upgraded, advanced or not normally available multimedia packag... 69 252
Updated Open Graphics Drivers - since 2011! PLEASE READ: don't email me to report bugs, unless you are sur... 11 309
Wine Hacks ppa This ppa contains the build of Wine named "hacks". 1 4
Wine with Pulse support patches The latest wine release with latest patches for Pulseaudio sup... 1 8
Wine with win64 support Wine, configured with --enable-win64. Supports running win64 e... 1 1
Wine+Kludges (Photoshop CS5+) A special packaging of Wine that includes hackish or ugly fixe... 1 0
Wine4Wow624 This archive is to help speed the process of updating your Win... 9 46
locusfwine-ppa The wine building repository 1 8
padoka PPA Hi, this is the UNSTABLE, built from git padoka ppa. if you ar... 8 229
steamcmd-dl Download Windows versions of Steam games on linux. This PPA c... 1 2
ubuntu-x-swat mesa with nine Mesa from 1 23
compholio 6 207
pipelight-daily 6 124
pipelight-stable 5 218
test-builds This PPA contains test builds which are used to check packagin... 2 85
Wine + Gallium Nine Install Oibaf's PPA before using this. Works with DRI2 and DR... 3 30
WINE backports 6 30
Package build tests Tests of packages before going to a real PPA or the archive. ... 26 152
Prop for me 18 93
ppa 3 20
xenial Xenial Packages for openArtist 16 61
PPA for will Drabbe 3 13
175 of 298 results