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All packages with binaries whose name includes “ooo”
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  • (Matching binaries: libclass-ooorno-perl.)

  • Search strings in ODF documents (Matching binaries: loook.)

  • (Matching binaries:

  • This utility provides thumbnails for and Microsoft Office documents, presentations, spreadsheets, templates and drawings. Install it and restart Nautilus to see the effects. (Matching binaries: ooo-thumbnailer.)

  • (Matching binaries: ooo2dbk.)

  • (Matching binaries: ooohg.)

  • (Matching binaries: libooolib-perl.)

  • (Matching binaries: python-ooolib.)

  • (Matching binaries: oooqs2-kde.)

  • OpenOffice is a free software equivalent to Microsoft Office, with components for word processing, spreadsheets, presentations and simple database access. (Matching binaries: libuno-cli-oootypes1.0-cil.)

110 of 10 results