aide 0.13.1-11ubuntu1 source package in Ubuntu


aide (0.13.1-11ubuntu1) lucid; urgency=low

  * Merge from debian testing, remaining changes:
    - Create TMPBASE directory if it doesn't exist. (LP: #144730)
    - Fix 31_aide_apt to remove comments from source.list (LP: #112242)
    - debian/control: change maintainer field.
    - debian/{cron.daily,default}/aide: add new FILTERUPDATES option that
      removes files changed by system updates from the daily e-mail report.
    - debian/cron.daily/aide: sort and remove duplicate package names

aide (0.13.1-11) unstable; urgency=low

  * Fix ] typo in 31_aide_amanda-server. Closes: #476502
  * Add 30_aide_bind9 example to automatically snarf BINDCHROOT
    setting from /etc/default/bind9. Modify bind9 rules appropriately.
    Thanks to Guido Bozzetto. Closes: #475983
  * 31_aide_mailman: message number in archive dir can have six digits
  * 31_aide_proftpd: logs are in a subdir
  * Patches by Hannes von Haugwitz:
    * 31_aide_exim4_logs: fix log rotation
    * 31_aide_clamav: fix log rotation. Closes: #540748
    * 31_aide_munin: apply patch from Hannes von Haugwitz. Closes: #541680
    * 31_aide_cron-apt: fix log rotation: Closes: #540987
    * 31_aide_clamav-freshclam: fix log rotation. Closes: #544688
    * 31_aide_mailman: fix log rotation. Closes: #544765
    * 31_aide_apache2: fix log rotation. Closes: #544768
    * 31_aide_acpid: process pid file. Closes: #544817
    * 31_aide_clamav-freshclam, 31_aide_clamav: handle pid file.
      Closes: #544818
    * 31_aide_munin-nodes. don't fail if munin is not installed.
      Closes: #545011
    * 31_aide_bind9. Fix typo in svn version. Closes: #545014
  * New files by Hannes von Haugwitz:
    * 31_aide_rsyslogd
    * 31_aide_cracklib-runtime
    * 31_aide_logcheck
    * 31_aide_rkhunter
    * 31_aide_apt-file. Closes: #542541
    * 31_aide_hald. Closes: #541478
    * 31_aide_fail2ban. Closes: #541345
    * 31_aide_apt-show-versions. Closes: #544690
    * 31_aide_ddclient: Closes: #544815
    * 31_aide_apcupsd. Closes: #544816
  * Apply patches by Guido Günther:
    * New postgrey rule. Closes: #500438
    * Optimize munin rules (and add munin-nodes). Closes: #500159
    * fix udev backslash escaping (also thanks to Ian Redfern).
      Closes: #506747, #472692
  * 31_aide_syslog: replace with empty dummy
  * cron.daily: protect $LOGHEAD and $MAILHEAD with :- in two more
    places. Closes: #544414
  * more README.Debian clarifications, again, thanks to Russell Gadd
    and Bill Wohler.
  * remove obsolete TODO file
  * Fix typo in debian/control, thanks to Rogério Brito. Closes: #520019
  * debian/control: clarify that aide-xen should be used in both DomU
    and Dom0
  * Adapt Package to later Debian policy:
    * make sure that /var/run exists in daily cron job. Closes: #501848.
    * Add Homepage: field.
    * Standards-Version now 3.8.3
  * build depend on debhelper 5
  * add README.source refering to /usr/share/doc/dpatch/README.source.gz
  * Add lintian overrides to aide and aide-xen for embedded-zlib
    ./usr/bin/aide. The binaries _are_ statically linked as a feature.
  * Have aide-common depend on aide | aide-binary
  * depend on bsd-mailx instead of mailx
 -- Chuck Short <email address hidden>   Fri, 06 Nov 2009 00:28:10 +0000

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Chuck Short on 2009-12-08
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Ubuntu Development Team
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