auctex 11.85-1ubuntu1 source package in Ubuntu


auctex (11.85-1ubuntu1) lucid; urgency=low

  * Merge from debian/squeeze. remaining changes:
    - Follow Ubuntu Maintainer spec.
    - use xdg-open instead of hard-coded xpdf,  LP: #379874
    - use firefox instead of hard-coded 'mozilla'
  * drop dependency on texlive-base-bin. It was included for lp #148469, but
    the current maintainer scripts no longer seem to use it.
  * recommend xdg-utils instead of xdg-open, LP: #442467
  * new upstream version fixes:
     - "Preview of doc that includes PDF". LP: #439463
       Closed based on information from bug submitter
     - Some parsing defects. LP: #240135
       At least the shown example does not show the defect anmore

auctex (11.85-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * New upstream release.  (Closes: #482956)
  * control (Standards-Version): 3.8.3
  * control (auctex/Depends): Add "dpkg (>= 1.15.4) | install-info" as per
    3.8.3 standards.
  * COPYRIGHT, Update (GPL v3).
    IREMOVE): Remove.
  * auctex/, auctex/ Do not call "install-info"
  * auctex/, auctex/, preview-latex-style/,
    preview-latex-style/ Do not call "install-docs" anymore.
  * auctex/NEWS: Rename from ""; update to Debian changelog style.
  * (DFILES): Remove "NEWS".
  * (binary-indep-auctex): Add "docdir" setting.

auctex (11.83-8) unstable; urgency=medium

  * COPYRIGHT,, variables: Update copyright.
  * control (Homepage): New field.
  * control (Standards-Version): Updated to 3.8.2.
  * control (auctex/Description): Reflow text.
  * control (preview-latex-style/Description): Fix typo (unpublished
    change obsoleted by 11.83-7.1 NMU); thanks to Rafael Laboissiere.
    (Closes: #440397)
  * control (preview-latex-style/Homepage): New field.
  * po/cs.po, po/de.po, po/es.po, po/eu.po, po/fi.po, po/fr.po, po/gl.po,
    po/it.po, po/ja.po, po/nl.po, po/pt.po, po/pt_BR.po, po/ru.po,
    po/sv.po, po/vi.po: Normalized.
  * po/it.po: Updated.
  * auctex/ Reflow text.  Keep debian-l10n-english team
    review comment from flowing to "auctex/templates".

  * control, (binary-indep-auctex), auctex/ (FLAVORS),
    auctex/, auctex/, auctex/,
    auctex/ (FLAVORS),
    auctex/ (FLAVORS): Add Emacs 23 support.
    (Closes: #539749, #540093)

  * No more need to register "doauto/logfile" here.
  * (do_auto): Do not remove log files here.  New log files
  * (undo_auto): Remove log files here.  New log files names.
    (Closes: #508348)
  * update-auctex-install: New log files names.
  * variables (TMPMASK): Remove it.
  * variables (LOGFILE): New variable.

  * (do_install): For each flavor, for every byte compiled
    file, install a symlink to the corresponding Elisp source from the
    installation directory to the source directories, for the sole purpose
    of allowing `find-function-search-for-symbol' (invoked by clicking on
    the help-function-def-button provided by a function definition help
    string) to find it.  (Closes: #443930)
  * (undo_install): Remove the symlinks to the Elisp sources
    installed by " (do_install)".

  * (binary-arch): Strip "$(checkdir)" and "$(checkroot)".
  * auctex/ Fix "debconf-is-not-a-registry" overrides paths.
    Remove no more needed
  * auctex/, auctex/ Needs no more
    Debconf interaction.
  * preview-latex-style/ Remove no more needed
    lintian overrides.

  * Implement Debconf backup capability.
  * (debconf-test, debconf-ask-for-translations): New phonies.
  * (build-package): Call lintian after building the package.

auctex (11.83-7.3) unstable; urgency=high

  * Non-maintainer upload; high priority since it fixes a security flaw.
  * auctex/ (LOGFILE): Create installation/update log file in
    "/var/log" rather than "/tmp". (Closes: #506961)
  * control (Build-Depends-Indep, auctex/Recommends): Change "gs|gs-gpl"
    to "ghostscript".

auctex (11.83-7.2) unstable; urgency=low

  * Non-maintainer upload to fix pending l10n issues.
  * po/sv.po: New file; thanks to Martin Bagge.  (Closes: #487370)
  * po/ja.po: Updated; thanks to Hideki Yamane.  (Closes: #494055)

auctex (11.83-7.1) unstable; urgency=low

  * Non-maintainer upload to fix pending l10n issues.
  * control (Build-Depends-Indep): Add "eperl", required by the "clean"
  * control (Build-Depends-Indep): Change "texi2html >= 1.76-1" to
    "texi2html >=1.76".  [Lintian]
  * control (auctex/Description, preview-latex-style/Description),
    auctex/ Reviewed by the debian-l10n-english team as part
    of the Smith review project.  (Closes: #452493)
  * po/cs.po: Updated; thanks to Miroslav Kure.  (Closes: #455237)
  * po/de.po: Updated; thanks to Helge Kreutzmann.  (Closes: #454509)
  * po/es.po: Updated; thanks to Steve Lord Flaubert.  (Closes: #473577)
  * po/eu.po: New file; thanks to Piarres Beobide.  (Closes: #453281)
  * po/fi.po: New file; thanks to Esko Arajärvi.  (Closes: #453642)
  * po/fr.po: Updated; thanks to Steve Petruzzello.  (Closes: #456160)
  * po/gl.po: Updated; thanks to Jacobo Tarrio.  (Closes: #453325)
  * po/pt.po: Updated; thanks to Ricardo Silva.  (Closes: #456359)
  * po/ru.po: Updated; thanks to Yuri Kozlov.  (Closes: #455963)
  * po/vi.po: New file; thanks to Clytie Siddall.  (Closes: #453379)
  * variables (MENUSEC): Change "Apps/Editors" to "Editors".  [Lintian]
 -- Reinhard Tartler <email address hidden>   Thu, 05 Nov 2009 08:42:04 +0100

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Reinhard Tartler on 2009-11-05
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auctex: integrated document editing environment for TeX etc.

 AUCTeX is a comprehensive customizable integrated environment for writing
 input files for TeX/LaTeX/ConTeXt/Texinfo using GNU Emacs. Currently
 XEmacs ships with its own AUCTeX version.
 It supports processing source files by running TeX and related tools
 (such as output filters, post processors for generating indices and
 bibliographies, and viewers) from inside Emacs. AUCTeX allows browsing
 through the errors reported by TeX, while it moves the cursor directly to
 the reported error, and displays some documentation for that particular
 error. This will even work when the document is spread over several
 AUCTeX can automatically indent LaTeX source, either line by line or for
 an entire document, and has a special outline feature which can greatly
 assist in getting an overview of a document.
 AUCTeX is written entirely in Emacs Lisp, and may therefore be enhanced
 with new features for specific needs. It comes with a large range of
 handy Emacs macros. It is a GNU project, and documentation for all its
 features is accessible via the Emacs info browser.

preview-latex-style: extraction of elements from LaTeX documents as graphics

 The purpose of preview is the extraction of selected elements from a
 LaTeX source, like formulas or graphics, into separate pages of a DVI
 file. A flexible and convenient interface allows it to specify what
 commands and constructs should be extracted. This works with DVI files
 postprocessed by either Dvips and Ghostscript or dvipng, but it also
 works when using PDFTeX for generating PDF files.
 Currently, preview.sty is used by preview-latex, the WYSIWYG component of
 the AUCTeX editing environment; for generation of previews in LyX; as
 part of the operation of the ps4pdf and pst-pdf LaTeX packages; by the
 tbook XML system and some other tools.