cryptsetup 2:1.0.6-7ubuntu1 source package in Ubuntu


cryptsetup (2:1.0.6-7ubuntu1) jaunty; urgency=low

  * Merge from debian unstable, remaining changes:
    - debian/initramfs/cryptroot-script:
      - must source /scripts/functions to get the log_*_msg() functions.
      - wait for encrypted device to show up (LP 164044, 291752).
      - disable error message 'failed to setup lvm device' (LP 151532).
    - debian/rules:
      - fix location of (Ubuntu-specific until libtool 2.2.x is
        in Debian unstable).
      - link dynamically (LP 62751).
    - add 04_fix_udevsettle_call.patch: fix path to binary for udevsettle.
  * Revert versioned build-depency on libdevmapper-dev, since Ubuntu's
    version is higher now.

cryptsetup (2:1.0.6-7) unstable; urgency=medium

  * Add patches/01_gettext_package.patch: Remove -luks from GETTEXT_PACKAGE
  * Support keyfiles option in bash completion. Thanks to Stefan Goebel for
    the patch. (closes: #499936)
  * Update patches/02_manpage.patch: Fix the documnetation of default cipher
    for LUKS mappings. (closes: #495832)
  * Update debian/watch file to reflect the move of project home to
  * Check for $CRYPTDISKS_ENABLE in cryptdisks initscripts instead of
    cryptdisks.functions. This way, cryptdisks_start/stop work even with
    $CRYPTDISKS_ENABLE != "yes". Thanks to Pietro Abate. (closes: #506643)
  * Add force-start to cryptdisks(-early).init in order to support starting
    noauto devices manually. Thanks to Niccolo Rigacci. (closes: #505779)
  * Document how to enable remote device unlocking via dropbear ssh server
    in the initramfs during boot process. Thanks to Chris <>
    for the great work. (closes: #465902)
  * Completely remove support and documentation of the timeout option,
    document this in NEWS.Debian. (closes: #495509, #474120)
  * Use exit instead of return in decrypt_ssl keyscript. Thanks to Rene Wagner.
    (closes: #499704)
  * Fix initramfs/cryptpassdev-hook to check for passdev instead of mountdev.
    Thanks to Christoph Anton Mitterer.
  * cryptdisks.functions:
    - Search for keyscript in /lib/cryptdisks/scripts. the cryptoroot initramfs
      script already supports keyscripts without path as argument. Thanks to
      Christoph Anton Mitterer.
  * README.initramfs:
    - Remove the mention of bug #398302 from the section about suspend/resume,
      as this bug has been fixes for some time now.
    - Remove step 6 (mkswap) from the section about decrypt_derived, as it was
      superfluous. Thanks to Helmut Grohe. (closes: #491867)
  * Fix initramfs/cryptroot-script to use the lvm binary instead of vgchange.
    Thanks to Marc Haber. (closes: #506536)
  * Make get_lvm_deps() recursive in initramfs/cryptroot-hook. This is required
    to detect the dm-crypt device in setups with more than one level of device
    mapper mappings. For example if LVM is used with snapshots on top of the
    dm-crypt mapping. Thanks to Christian Jaeger for bugreport and patch, Ben
    Hutchings and Yves-Alexis Perez for help with debugging. (closes: #507721)
  * urgency=medium due to several important fixes.

 -- Kees Cook <email address hidden>   Tue, 06 Jan 2009 13:00:16 -0800

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