fluxbox 1.0~rc3-1 source package in Ubuntu


fluxbox (1.0~rc3-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * New record in control::Uploaders: Dmitry E. Oboukhov <email address hidden>.
  * Fixed (or unreproducible) in current version (1.0rc3):
    * alt-tab is cycling out of order and skipping windows (closes: #263883).
    * misterously disappearing menu (closes: #312808).
    * hangs at start up if stderr is a terminal (closes: #392460).
    * starts with empty menu (closes: #412857).
    * Minimal window width of some applications too high (closes: #176310).
    * /usr/bin/bsetroot: xsetroot does *not* honour multiple screens at all
     (closes: #230800).
    * Xine's main UI panel doesn't reappear after hiding it (closes: #268905).
    * Homedir config files don't override defaults (closes: #271208).
    * fluxbox produce zombies (closes: #281208).
    * artwiz fonts don't display anymore (closes: #292554).
    * javascript msgbox at firefox "suspend" xscreensaver lock 
     (closes: #298801).
    * Fluxbox decoraciĆ³n y xmms (closes: #311669).
    * firefox loses focus gained previously with Alt+Tab (closes: #319640).
    * fbsetbg(1) manual refers to non-existing command bsetroot 
     (closes: #335218).
    * fluxbox menu workspaces->someworkspace->app operations affect wrong app
     (closes: #343838).
    * Closing tabbed xterms moves windows down (closes: #357153).
    * autogrouping tabs with ~/.fluxbox/groups broken (closes: #357690).
    * Toolbar alpha settings discarded on log (closes: #375435).
    * fluxbox 0.9.11 crash my system (closes: #292682).
    * Update of fluxbox causes menu to show too many items (closes: #188124).
    * fluxbox 0.1.14-2: strange char in time string (closes: #224761).
    * session.keyFile in ~/.fluxbox/.init points to /etc/X11/fluxbox/keys
      (closes: #297274).
    * x-cursor for resize handles (closes: #310900).
    * Missing locale directory (closes: #312104).
    * Menu title texture does not always update (closes: #319608).
    * relies on existence of $HOME/.fluxbox (closes: #348321).
    * failure to override global textColor for unfocused window titles
     (closes: #353387).
    * [fbsetroot] Warning: Failed to open file
      (/usr/share/fluxbox/nls/en_US/fluxbox.cat) (closes: #365867).
    * FTBFS with G++ 4.1: namespace and extra qualification errors
     (closes: #357490).
    * key shortcut binding on latest fluxbox (closes: #260550).
    * fonts and remeber workspace not working on ppc (closes: #292974).
    * Anti aliasing is not activated by default. (closes: #302167).
  * Patch from svn for fix bug: 
      'error start fluxbox if directory ~/.fluxbox does not exists' 
      (closes: #430673).
  * Removed old 'alternatives' from 'fluxbox' (closes: #430675).

fluxbox (1.0~rc3-0.1) unstable; urgency=low

  * Non-maintainer upload.
  * New upstream release 1.0rc3.
  * UTF-8 is now maintained in upstream. Closes: #397482.
  * Patch from svn fixing clock width calculation applied. Closes: #410304.
  * Removed diverts for bsetroot/bsetbg. Closes: #427044.
  * Removed duplicates in Build-Depends. Closes: #421226.
  * Added recursive change 'bsetroot' to 'fbsetroot' in
    all style files.
  * Instead of manual file moves and other hacks, just passing proper flags
    to ./configure call.
  * Removed incorrect debian/watch.
  * Changed update-alternatives target from /usr/bin/fluxbox to
  * Removed the files no longer used for packaging.
  * Fixed debhelper/cdbs using issues.
  * Used dpatch to manage patches.
  * Upload sponsored by Al Nikolov <email address hidden>.

 -- Emmet Hikory <email address hidden>   Wed,  04 Jul 2007 09:56:35 +0100

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Emmet Hikory on 2007-07-04
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Low Urgency

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