gettext 0.19.6-1ubuntu1 source package in Ubuntu


gettext (0.19.6-1ubuntu1) xenial; urgency=low

  * Merge from Debian unstable.  Remaining changes:
    - Allow the package to cross-build.
    - Define a stage1 profile to build without java and git.
    - Explicitly configure with --disable-csharp.
    - Drop autopoint recommends of gettext. It pulls in git and
      other sizable packages which make the CDs explode.
    - gettext-el: Add an alternative dependency on emacs24.

gettext (0.19.6-1) unstable; urgency=medium

  * New upstream release.
  * Drop debian/patches/03-fix-gettextize-version. No longer needed.
  * Drop dependency of gettext-base on libasprintf0v5 as it dates from
    a split made in release
  * Keep curl and friends in Recommends, for translators.
    Move autopoint, libasprintf-dev and libgettextpo-dev to Suggests.
  * Downgrade libasprintf0v5 to optional.
  * Add debian/upstream/signing-key.asc and improve debian/watch file.
  * has now a general mechanism to set the header of
    a POT file, using $(DOMAIN).pot-update. This could be used to set
    copyright holders and other things. Closes: #682580.
  * Fix po-mode handling of msgfmt version number. Closes: #798903.
  * Drop Pre-Depends on multiarch-support, because a stable release
    has already happened.

gettext ( unstable; urgency=medium

  * New upstream release.
  * New C++ ABI. libasprintf0c2 becomes libasprintf0v5.
    Thanks a lot to Matthias Klose. Closes: #793897.
  * Add patches/03-fix-gettextize-version to avoid FTBFS bugs on
    packages using autopoint and friends. See bug-gettext for details.

 -- Rico Tzschichholz <email address hidden>  Tue, 15 Dec 2015 18:44:34 +0100

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Uploaded by:
Rico Tzschichholz on 2015-12-16
Sponsored by:
Sebastien Bacher
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Ubuntu Developers
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gettext_0.19.6-1ubuntu1.debian.tar.xz 25.0 KiB c2988344c3888f6e082d0cac5e5c645640efa4fd333546c34bac7a7d3c4034d3
gettext_0.19.6-1ubuntu1.dsc 1.7 KiB f711da09328b69847da0b96752e9c75bb99774340f8a92dc54bd576d2c5fe956

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Binary packages built by this source

autopoint: The autopoint program from GNU gettext

 The `autopoint' program copies standard gettext infrastructure files
 into a source package. It extracts from a macro call of the form
 `AM_GNU_GETTEXT_VERSION(VERSION)', found in the package's
 `' or `' file, the gettext version used by the
 package, and copies the infrastructure files belonging to this version
 into the package.

gettext: GNU Internationalization utilities

 Interesting for authors or maintainers of other packages or programs
 which they want to see internationalized.

gettext-base: GNU Internationalization utilities for the base system

 This package includes the gettext and ngettext programs which allow
 other packages to internationalize the messages given by shell scripts.

gettext-doc: Documentation for GNU gettext

 This package contains the HTML documentation for GNU gettext, as well as
 simple "hello world" examples in several programming languages.

gettext-el: Emacs po-mode for editing gettext .po files

 This package contains po-mode.el for easy .po editing using emacs.

libasprintf-dev: GNU Internationalization library development files

 This package contains development files for the libasprintf library.

libasprintf0v5: GNU library to use fprintf and friends in C++

 This package contains the libasprintf shared library which makes the
 C formatted output routines (fprintf et al.) usable in C++ programs,
 for use with the <string> strings and the <iostream> streams.

libgettextpo-dev: GNU Internationalization library development files

 This package contains development files for the libgettextpo library.

libgettextpo0: GNU Internationalization library

 This package contains the libgettextpo shared library for interfacing
 programmatically with GNU gettext .po files.