inetutils 2:1.9.4-3 source package in Ubuntu


inetutils (2:1.9.4-3) unstable; urgency=medium

  * Line-wrap dependency fields.
  * Reindent shell scripts.
  * Switch Section from extra to optional.
  * Switch to debhelper compatibility level 10.
  * Switch to debian/watch format version 4.
  * Replace dh_autotools-dev_* commands with dh_update_autotools_config,
    and remove explicit Build-Depends on autotools-dev.
  * Bump Standards-Version to 4.1.1 (no changes needed).
  * Do not pass unnecessary «-o root» in SUIDMODE to upstream install target.
  * Set Rules-Requires-Root to no.
  * Switch git repo URL in debian/ from git: to https:.
  * Use «--retry 5» on sysvinit stop actions. Remove now unnecessary sleep.
  * Remove empty fallback in maintainer scripts argument handler.
  * Remove long obsolete conffile rename handling.
  * Remove long obsolete inetd talk entry fixup handling.

 -- Guillem Jover <email address hidden>  Sun, 05 Nov 2017 20:27:51 +0100

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Guillem Jover
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Guillem Jover
Medium Urgency

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inetutils_1.9.4-3.dsc 2.6 KiB 17a390dcdd399a21e51611eadf4f7bcfc8b5371f6294ef61d6d3bcc4501cea91
inetutils_1.9.4.orig.tar.xz 1.3 MiB 849d96f136effdef69548a940e3e0ec0624fc0c81265296987986a0dd36ded37
inetutils_1.9.4-3.debian.tar.xz 75.0 KiB 206f868fac2ebc51faa6cd20420bdba4ea539712cfe9e96604b726738cc4157a

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Binary packages built by this source

inetutils-ftp: File Transfer Protocol client

 The ftp command is used to transfer files between hosts using the
 FTP protocol.

inetutils-ftp-dbgsym: debug symbols for inetutils-ftp
inetutils-ftpd: File Transfer Protocol server

 Ftpd is the server that allows another host to connect with the ftp
 command to transfer files using the FTP protocol.

inetutils-ftpd-dbgsym: debug symbols for inetutils-ftpd
inetutils-inetd: internet super server

 Inetd is the daemon that listens on various TCP and UDP ports and spawns
 programs that can't or won't do it for themselves.
 This is the portable GNU implementation of inetd. The package supports
 IPv6, tcpmux services and unlimited server arguments.

inetutils-inetd-dbgsym: debug symbols for inetutils-inetd
inetutils-ping: No summary available for inetutils-ping in ubuntu cosmic.

No description available for inetutils-ping in ubuntu cosmic.

inetutils-ping-dbgsym: debug symbols for inetutils-ping
inetutils-syslogd: system logging daemon

 The syslog daemon is responsible for providing logging of messages
 received from programs and facilities on the local host as well as
 from remote hosts.

inetutils-syslogd-dbgsym: debug symbols for inetutils-syslogd
inetutils-talk: talk to another user

 Talk is a visual communication program which copies lines from your terminal
 to that of another user.

inetutils-talk-dbgsym: No summary available for inetutils-talk-dbgsym in ubuntu cosmic.

No description available for inetutils-talk-dbgsym in ubuntu cosmic.

inetutils-talkd: remote user communication server

 Talkd is the server that notifies a user that someone else wants to initiate
 a conversation. It acts a repository of invitations, responding to requests
 by clients wishing to rendezvous to hold a conversation.

inetutils-talkd-dbgsym: debug symbols for inetutils-talkd
inetutils-telnet: telnet client

 The telnet command is used for interactive communication with another host
 using the TELNET protocol.

inetutils-telnet-dbgsym: debug symbols for inetutils-telnet
inetutils-telnetd: telnet server

 The in.telnetd program is a server which supports the DARPA telnet
 interactive communication protocol.

inetutils-telnetd-dbgsym: debug symbols for inetutils-telnetd
inetutils-tools: base networking utilities (experimental package)

 Base utilities for network administration (ifconfig, etc).
 WARNING: The current ifconfig implementation provided is not fully
 compatible with the net-tool's ifconfig version.

inetutils-tools-dbgsym: debug symbols for inetutils-tools
inetutils-traceroute: No summary available for inetutils-traceroute in ubuntu cosmic.

No description available for inetutils-traceroute in ubuntu cosmic.

inetutils-traceroute-dbgsym: No summary available for inetutils-traceroute-dbgsym in ubuntu cosmic.

No description available for inetutils-traceroute-dbgsym in ubuntu cosmic.