logcheck 1.3.14 source package in Ubuntu


logcheck (1.3.14) unstable; urgency=low

  [ martin f. krafft ]
  * ignore.d.server/postfix:
    - ignore notice about verified TLS connections.
  * ignore.d.server/openvpn:
    - broaden filters to catch more messages.

  [ Hanspeter Kunz ]
  * ignore.d.server/dovecot:
    - allow for arbitrary msgids
    - ignore discarded vacation replies with precedence Bulk and list
    - ignore notice about managesieve logouts (closes: #637918)
  * ignore.d.server/postfix:
    - ignore (temporary) rejects messages when the sender domain is not found
    - ignore verify cache db cleanups

  [ Hannes von Haugwitz ]
  * src/logcheck:
    - added numeric timezone information to subject line
    - re-enabled globbing of logfile names (closes: #616103)
  * docs/README.logcheck-database:
    - mention logcheck-test in 'TESTING RULES' section
  * ignore.d.workstation/wpasupplicant:
    - match 5200, 5300, 5260 and 5680 MHz in 'Trying to associate' message
    - allow WPA protocol in 'wpa_action: key_mgmt' message
    - ignore "mode=station" message
    - ignore "Trying to authenticate" message
    - allow '/run/sendsigs.omit.d' as location for pidfile (closes: #633030)
  * ignore.d.server/login:
    - adjusted rule to match serial terminals
  * ignore.d.workstation/kernel:
    - ignore "Spinning up disk" message
    - ignore 'cfg80211: Calling CRDA for country' message
    - ignore 'Monitor-Mwait' messages
    - ignore WLAN 'waiting for beacon' and 'beacon received' messages
    - allow 'device number' in '(new|reset) (low|full|high) speed USB' and
      'USB disconnect' messages
  * ignore.d.server/cron-apt:
    - allow optional whitespace between value and unit, thanks to
      Gabor Kiss (closes: #609649)
    - allow optional architecture in "Get" message
  * ignore.d.server/dnsmasq:
    - allow '-' in interface name, thanks to Jan Evert van Grootheest
      (closes: #608256)
  * src/logcheck, etc/logcheck.conf:
    - added option to compress attachment with gzip
  * ignore.d.server/snmpd:
    - adjusted UDP rule to match new SNMP output format, thanks to
      Robert Naylor (closes: #613124)
  * docs/logcheck-test.1:
    - use 'logcheck-test' instead of 'logcheck' in the EXAMPLES
  * ignore.d.workstation/libpam-gnome-keyring:
    - adjusted rule to match messages without quotes (closes: #618411)
  * ignore.d.server/dhclient:
    - allow '-' in interface name (closes: #622942)
  * ignore.d.server/spamd:
    - adjusted 'child cleanup' rule to match new format, thanks to Enno Gröper
      (closes: #632471)
  * src/logcheck-test:
    - allow symbolic link as rule file
  * ignore.d.workstation/xlockmore:
    - applied patch by Libor Polčák: ignore local display
  * logcheck-database.preinst:
    - deleting ignore.d.server/webmin, package has been removed from debian
  * ignore.d.server/kernel:
    - ignore "kvm: emulating exchange as write" message
    - allow optional ". Opts: (null)" at the end of "mounted filesystem with
      (writeback|ordered) data mode" message
  * ignore.d.server/amavisd-new:
    - allow quarantine in "Passed SPAM" log line
    - allow subdirectories for quarantine messages and made Message-ID in
      "Passed BAD-HEADER" log lines optional, thanks to John Clements
    - allow compressed quarantine messages (closes: #639839)
  * debian/rules:
    - added build-indep and build-arch targets
  * debian/control:
    - bumped to Standards-Version 3.9.2 (no changes necessary)

  [ Gerfried Fuchs ]
  * Remove myself from uploaders.

  [ Jeremy L. Gaddis ]
  * ignore.d.server/postfix:
    - adjust postfix certificate fingerprint rule to match new output
      format, thanks to Loïc Minier (closes: #616616)
  * ignore.d.server/amavisd-new:
    - adjusted rule to match new output format, thanks to Adrian Lang
      (closes: #624197)
  * ignore.d.server/ssh:
    - add rule to ignore AllowGroups denial, thanks to Gerald Turner
      (closes: #637923)
  * ignore.d.server/dovecot:
    - adjusted rule to match IPv6 addresses, thanks to Gerald Turner
      (closes: #637916)
  * debian/copyright:
    - updated copyright year to 2011
    - added myself as team member

  [ Frédéric Brière ]
  * violations.d/kernel:
    - ignore whitespace before timestamp
  * ignore.d.workstation/kernel:
    - allow '.' in input device name
 -- Lo?c Minier <email address hidden>   Mon,  03 Oct 2011 23:51:48 +0000

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