seamonkey 2.0.5+build1+nobinonly-0ubuntu0.10.04.1 source package in Ubuntu


seamonkey (2.0.5+build1+nobinonly-0ubuntu0.10.04.1) lucid-security; urgency=low

  * New upstream release v2.0.5 (SEAMONKEY_2_0_5_BUILD1)
  * MFSA 2010-25: Re-use of freed object due to scope confusion
    - CVE-2010-1121
  * MFSA 2010-26: Crashes with evidence of memory corruption
    - CVE-2010-1200
    - CVE-2010-1201
    - CVE-2010-1202
  * MFSA 2010-27: Use-after-free error in nsCycleCollector::MarkRoots()
    - CVE-2010-0183
  * MFSA 2010-28: Freed object reuse across plugin instances
    - CVE-2010-1198
  * MFSA 2010-29: Heap buffer overflow in nsGenericDOMDataNode::SetTextInternal
    - CVE-2010-1196
  * MFSA 2010-30: Integer Overflow in XSLT Node Sorting
    - CVE-2010-1199
  * MFSA 2010-31: focus() behavior can be used to inject or steal keystrokes
    - CVE-2010-1125
  * MFSA 2010-32: Content-Disposition: attachment ignored if Content-Type:
    multipart also present
    - CVE-2010-1197
  * MFSA 2010-33: User tracking across sites using Math.random()
    - CVE-2008-5913

  * Fix FTBFS on Sparc by disabling jit (LP: #523627)
    - update debian/rules
 -- Micah Gersten <email address hidden>   Thu, 06 May 2010 11:18:16 -0500

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Uploaded by:
Micah Gersten on 2010-07-06
Sponsored by:
Chris Coulson
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Low Urgency

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Binary packages built by this source

seamonkey: The Seamonkey Internet Suite

 The Seamonkey Internet Suite is a set of Internet oriented applications.
 It is the continuity of the Mozilla Suite after it has been abandoned
 in favor of Firefox and Thunderbird.
 The Seamonkey Internet Suite consists of:
  - an Internet browser (Seamonkey Navigator)
  - an HTML WYSIWYG editor (Seamonkey Composer)
  - a Mail and News client (Seamonkey Mail & Newsgroups)
  - an Address Book (Seamonkey Address Book)
  - an IRC client (Chatzilla)
 This is a meta package that depends on the main components of this suite.
 It is here to ease upgrades, installations, and provide a consistent upgrade
 path from previous versions.
 It can safely be removed with no ill effects.

seamonkey-browser: Seamonkey Navigator (Internet browser) and Composer

 Seamonkey Navigator is a sophisticated graphical World-Wide-Web browser, with
 a large number of various browser features like support for HTML 4.0, CSS
 2, JavaScript, etc. It also features tabbed browsing, popup blocking, and
 many others options.
 Seamonkey Composer is a WYSIWIG HTML editor that lets you modify arbitrary
 HTML pages. It provides dynamic image and table resizing, quick insert
 and delete of table cells, and supports CSS and positioned layers.
 See the 'seamonkey' package for more information on the Seamonkey Internet Suite.

seamonkey-chatzilla: Seamonkey Chatzilla IRC client

 Chatzilla is a full featured IRC client integrated with the Seamonkey
 Internet Suite. It is scriptable, and supports what most people would
 expect from an IRC client.
 See the 'seamonkey' package for more information on the Seamonkey Internet Suite.

seamonkey-dbg: Debugging symbols for the Seamonkey Internet Suite

 This package provides the debugging symbols for the Seamonkey Internet Suite
 programs. Install this package if you need to debug such a program or if
 you need a useful backtrace of a crash.
 See the 'seamonkey' package for more information on the Seamonkey Internet Suite.

seamonkey-dom-inspector: DOM inspector for the Seamonkey Internet Suite

 This is a tool that allows you to inspect the DOM for web pages in the
 Seamonkey Navigator.
 It also allows you to inspect the DOM for the Seamonkey User Interface itself
 and helps for extensions development.

seamonkey-gnome-support: Gnome Depends for the Seamonkey Internet Suite

 This is an empty package to pull in the Gnome Depends for Seamonkey.
 See the 'seamonkey' package for more information on the Seamonkey Internet Suite.

seamonkey-mailnews: Seamonkey Mail & Newsgroups and Address Book

 Seamonkey Mail & Newsgroups client supports NNTP Newsgroups and IMAP/POP Mail.
 It has a full variety of features such as multiple accounts, labels,
 adaptive junk mail control, S/MIME, digital signing.
 Seamonkey Address Book adds address book management to the Seamonkey Mail &
 Newsgroups client. It supports LDAP, vCards...
 See the 'seamonkey' package for more information on the Seamonkey Internet Suite.