snapd 2.27.4~14.04 source package in Ubuntu


snapd (2.27.4~14.04) trusty; urgency=medium

  * New upstream release, LP: #1703798:
    - snap-seccomp: add secondary arch for unrestricted snaps as well

snapd (2.27.3~14.04) trusty; urgency=medium

  * New upstream release, LP: #1703798:
    - systemd: disable `Nice=-5` to fix error when running inside lxdSee

snapd (2.27.2~14.04) trusty; urgency=medium

  * New upstream release, LP: #1703798:
    - tests: remove TestInterfacesHelp as it breaks when go-flags
    - interfaces: don't crash if content slot has no attributes
    - debian: do not build with -buildmode=pie on i386
    - interfaces: backport broadcom-asic-control interface
    - interfaces: allow /usr/bin/xdg-open in unity7
    - store: do not resume a download when we already have the whole

snapd (2.27.1~14.04) trusty; urgency=medium

  * New upstream release, LP: #1703798:
    - tests: use dnf --refresh install to avert stale cache
    - tests: fix test failure on 14.04 due to old version of
    - updates for unity7/x11, browser-support, network-control,
    - interfaces/unity7,x11: update for NETLINK_KOBJECT_UEVENT
    - interfaces/browser-support: update sysfs reads for
      newer browser versions
    - interfaces/network-control: rw for ieee80211 advanced wireless
    - interfaces/mount-observe: allow read on sysfs entries for block

snapd (2.27~14.04) trusty; urgency=medium

  * New upstream release, LP: #1703798
    - fix build failure on 32bit fedora
    - interfaces: add password-manager-service implicit classic interface
    - interfaces/greengrass-support: adjust accesses now that have working
    - interfaces/many, cmd/snap-confine: miscellaneous policy updates
    - interfaces/unity7: allow receiving media key events in (at least)
    - cmd: fix re-exec bug when starting from snapd 2.21
    - tests: restore interfaces-account-control properly
    - cmd: fix tests that assume /snap mount
    - cmd: mark arch as non-reexecing distro
    - snap-confine: don't share /etc/nsswitch from host
    - store: talk to for purchases
    - hooks: support for install and remove hooks
    - packaging: fix Fedora support
    - tests: add bluetooth-control interface test
    - store: talk to for assertions
    - tests: remove snapd before building from branch
    - tests: add avahi-observe interface test
    - store: orders API now checks if customer is ready
    - cmd/snap: snap find only searches stable
    - interfaces: updates default, mir, optical-observe, system-observe,
      screen-inhibit-control and unity7
    - tests: speedup prepare statement part 1
    - store: do not send empty refresh requests
    - asserts: fix error handling in snap-developer consistency check
    - systemd: add explicit sync to
    - snapd: generate snap cookies on startup
    - cmd,client,daemon: expose "force devmode" in sysinfo
    - many: introduce and use strutil.ListContains and also
    - assserts,overlord/assertstate: test we don't accept chains of
      assertions founded on a self-signed key coming externally
    - interfaces: enable access to bridge settings
    - interfaces: fix copy-pasted iio vs io in io-ports-control
    - cmd/snap-confine: various small fixes and tweaks to seccomp
      support code
    - interfaces: bring back seccomp argument filtering
    - systemd, osutil: rework systemd logs in preparation for services
    - tests: store /etc/systemd/system/snap-*core*.mount in snapd-
    - tests: shellcheck improvements for tests/main tasks - first set of
    - cmd/snap: `--last` for abort and watch, and aliases
      (search→find, change→tasks)
    - tests: shellcheck improvements for tests/lib scripts
    - tests: create ramdisk if it's not present
    - tests: shellcheck improvements for nightly upgrade and regressions
    - snapd: fix for snapctl get panic on null config values.
    - tests: fix for rng-tools service not restarting
    - systemd: add snapd.core-fixup.service unit
    - cmd: avoid using current symlink in InternalToolPath
    - tests: fix timeout issue for test refresh core with hanging …
    - intefaces: control bridged vlan/ppoe-tagged traffic
    - cmd/snap: include snap type in notes
    - overlord/state: Abort() only visits each task once
    - tests: extend find-private test to cover more cases
    - snap-seccomp: skip socket() tests on systems that use socketcall()
      instead of socket()
    - many: support snap title as localized/title-cased name
    - snap-seccomp: deal with mknod on aarch64 in the seccomp tests
    - interfaces: put base policy fragments inside each interface
    - asserts: introduce NewDecoderWithTypeMaxBodySize
    - tests: fix snapd-notify when it takes more time to restart
    - snap-seccomp: fix snap-seccomp tests in artful
    - tests: fix for create-key task to avoid rng-tools service ramains
    - snap-seccomp: make sure snap-seccomp writes the bpf file
    - tests: do not disable ipv6 on core systems
    - arch: the kernel architecture name is armv7l instead of armv7
    - snap-confine: ensure snap-confine waits some seconds for seccomp
      security profiles
    - tests: shellcheck improvements for tests/nested tasks
    - wrappers: add SyslogIdentifier to the service unit files.
    - tests: shellcheck improvements for unit tasks
    - asserts: implement FindManyTrusted as well
    - asserts: open up and optimize Encoder to help avoiding unnecessary
    - interfaces: simplify snap-confine by just loading pre-generated
      bpf code
    - tests: restart rng-tools services after few seconds
    - interfaces, tests: add mising dbus abstraction to system-observe
      and extend spread test
    - store: change main store host to
    - overlord/cmdstate: new package for running commands as tasks.
    - spread: help libapt resolve installing libudev-dev
    - tests: show the IP from .travis.yaml
    - tests/main: use pkgdb function in more test cases
    - cmd,daemon: add debug command for displaying the base policy
    - tests: prevent quoting error on opensuse
    - tests: fix nightly suite
    - tests: add linode-sru backend
    - snap-confine: validate SNAP_NAME against security tag
    - tests: fix ipv6 disable for ubuntu-core
    - tests: extend core-revert test to cover bluez issues
    - interfaces/greengrass-support: add support for Amazon Greengrass
      as a snap
    - asserts: support timestamp and optional disabled header on repair
    - tests: reboot after upgrading to snapd on the -proposed pocket
    - many: fix test cases to work with different DistroLibExecDir
    - tests: reenable help test on ubuntu and debian systems
    - packaging/{opensuse,fedora}: allow package build with testkeys
    - tests/lib: generalize RPM build support
    - interfaces/builtin: sync connected slot and permanent slot snippet
    - tests: fix snap create-key by restarting automatically rng-tools
    - many: switch to use http numeric statuses as agreed
    - debian: add missing  Type=notify in 14.04 packaging
    - tests: mark interfaces-openvswitch as manual due to prepare errors
    - debian: unify built_using between the 14.04 and 16.04 packaging
    - tests: pull from urandom when real entropy is not enough
    - tests/main/manpages: install missing man package
    - tests: add refresh --time output check
    - debian: add missing "make -C data/systemd clean"
    - tests: fix for upgrade test when it is repeated
    - tests/main: use dir abstraction in a few more test cases
    - tests/main: check for confinement in a few more interface tests
    - spread: add fedora snap bin dir to global PATH
    - tests: check that locale-control is not present on core
    - many: snapctl outside hooks
    - tests: add whoami check
    - interfaces: compose the base declaration from interfaces
    - tests: fix spread flaky tests linode
    - tests,packaging: add package build support for openSUSE
    - many: slight improvement of some snap error messaging
    - errtracker: Include /etc/apparmor.d/usr.lib.snap-confine md5sum in
      err reports
    - tests: fix for the test postrm-purge
    - tests: restoring the /etc/environment and service units config for
      each test
    - daemon: make snapd a "Type=notify" daemon and notify when startup
      is done
    - cmd/snap-confine: add support for --base snap
    - many: derive implicit slots from interface meta-data
    - tests: add core revert test
    - tests,packaging: add package build support for Fedora for our
      spread setup
    - interfaces: move base declaration to the policy sub-package
    - tests: fix for snapd-reexec test cheking for restart info on debug
    - tests: show available entropy on error
    - tests: clean journalctl logs on trusty
    - tests: fix econnreset on staging
    - tests: modify core before calling set
    - tests: add snap-confine privilege test
    - tests: add staging snap-id
    - interfaces/builtin: silence ptrace denial for network-manager
    - tests: add alsa interface spread test
    - tests: prefer ipv4 over ipv6
    - tests: fix for econnreset test checking that the download already
    - httputil,store: extract retry code to httputil, reorg usages
    - errtracker: report if snapd did re-execute itself
    - errtracker: include bits of snap-confine apparmor profile
    - tests: take into account staging snap-ids for snap-info
    - cmd: add stub new snap-repair command and add timer
    - many: stop "snap refresh $x --channel invalid" from working
    - interfaces: revert "interfaces: re-add reverted ioctl and quotactl
    - snapstate: consider connect/disconnect tasks in
    - interfaces: disable "mknod |N" in the default seccomp template
    - interfaces,overlord/ifacestate: make sure installing slots after
      plugs works similarly to plugs after slots
    - interfaces/seccomp: add bind() syscall for forced-devmode systems
    - packaging/fedora: Sync packaging from Fedora Dist-Git
    - tests: move static and unit tests to spread task
    - many: error types should be called FooError, not ErrFoo.
    - partition: add directory sync to the save uboot.env file code
    - cmd: test everything (100% coverage \o/)
    - many: make shell scripts shellcheck-clean
    - tests: remove additional setup for docker on core
    - interfaces: add summary to each interface
    - many: remove interface meta-data from list of connections
    - logger (& many more, to accommodate): drop explicit syslog.
    - packaging: import packaging bits for opensuse
    - snapstate,many: implement snap install --unaliased
    - tests/lib: abstract build dependency installation a bit more
    - interfaces, osutil: move flock code from interfaces/mount to
    - cmd: auto import assertions only from ext4,vfat file systems
    - many: refactor in preparation for 'snap start'
    - overlord/snapstate: have an explicit code path last-refresh
      unset/zero => immediately refresh try
    - tests: fixes for executions using the staging store
    - tests: use pollinate to seed the rng
    - cmd/snap,tests: show the sha3-384 of the snap for snap info
      --verbose SNAP-FILE
    - asserts: simplify and adjust repair assertion definition
    - cmd/snap,tests: show the snap id if available in snap info
    - daemon,overlord/auth: store from model assertion wins
    - cmd/snap,tests/main: add confinement switch instead of spread
      system blacklisting
    - many: cleanup MockCommands and don't leave a process around after
      hookstate tests
    - tests: update listing test to the core version number schema
    - interfaces: allow snaps to use the timedatectl utility
    - packaging: Add Fedora packaging files
    - tests/libs: add distro_auto_remove_packages function
    - cmd/snap: correct devmode note for anomalous state
    - tests/main/snap-info: use proper pkgdb functions to install distro
    - tests/lib: use mktemp instead of tempfile to work cross-distro
    - tests: abstract common dirs which differ on distributions
    - many: model and expose interface meta-data.
    - overlord: make config defaults from gadget work also at first boot
    - interfaces/log-observe: allow using journalctl from hostfs for
      classic distro
    - partition,snap: add support for android boot
    - errtracker: small simplification around readMachineID
    - snap-confine: move rm_rf_tmp to test-utils.
    - tests/lib: introduce pkgdb helper library
    - errtracker: try multiple paths to read machine-id
    - overlord/hooks: make sure only one hook for given snap is executed
      at a time.
    - cmd/snap-confine: use SNAP_MOUNT_DIR to setup /snap inside the
      confinement env
    - tests: bump kill-timeout and remove quiet call on build
    - tests/lib/snaps: add a test store snap with a passthrough
      configure hook
    - daemon: teach the daemon to wait on active connections when
      shutting down
    - tests: remove unit tests task
    - tests/main/completion: source from /usr/share/bash-completion
    - assertions: add "repair" assertion
    - interfaces/seccomp: document Backend.NewSpecification
    - wrappers: make StartSnapServices cleanup any services that were
      added if a later one fails
    - overlord/snapstate: avoid creating command aliases for daemons
    - vendor: remove unused packages
    - vendor,partition: fix panics from uenv
    - cmd,interfaces/mount: run snap-update-ns and snap-discard-ns from
      core if possible
    - daemon: do not allow to install ubuntu-core anymore
    - wrappers: service start/stop were inconsistent
    - tests: fix failing tests (snap core version, syslog changes)
    - cmd/snap-update-ns: add actual implementation
    - tests: improve entropy also for ubuntu
    - cmd/snap-confine: use /etc/ssl from the core snap
    - wrappers: don't convert between []byte and string needlessly.
    - hooks: default timeout
    - overlord/snapstate: Enable() was ignoring the flags from the
      snap's state, resulting in losing "devmode" on disable/enable.
    - difs,interfaces/mount: add support for locking namespaces
    - interfaces/mount: keep track of kept mount entries
    - tests/main: move a bunch of greps over to MATCH
    - interfaces/builtin: make all interfaces private
    - interfaces/mount: spell unmount correctly
    - tests: allow 16-X.Y.Z version of core snap
    - the timezone_control interface only allows changing /etc/timezone
      and /etc/writable/timezone. systemd-timedated also updated the
      link of /etc/localtime and /etc/writable/localtime ... allow
      access to this file too
    - cmd/snap-confine: aggregate operations holding global lock
    - api, ifacestate: resolve disconnect early
    - interfaces/builtin: ensure we don't register interfaces twice

 -- Michael Vogt <email address hidden>  Thu, 24 Aug 2017 08:51:22 +0200

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