snapd 2.62+22.04 source package in Ubuntu


snapd (2.62+22.04) jammy; urgency=medium

  * New upstream release, LP: #2058277
    - Aspects based configuration schema support (experimental)
    - Refresh app awareness support for UI (experimental)
    - Support for user daemons by introducing new control switches
      --user/--system/--users for service start/stop/restart
    - Add AppArmor prompting experimental flag (feature currently
    - Installation of local snap components of type test
    - Packaging of components with snap pack
    - Expose experimental features supported/enabled in snapd REST API
      endpoint /v2/system-info
    - Support creating and removing recovery systems for use by factory
    - Enable API route for creating and removing recovery systems using
      /v2/systems with action create and /v2/systems/{label} with action
    - Lift requirements for fde-setup hook for single boot install
    - Enable single reboot gadget update for UC20+
    - Allow core to be removed on classic systems
    - Support for remodeling on hybrid systems
    - Install desktop files on Ubuntu Core and update after snapd
    - Upgrade sandbox features to account for cgroup v2 device filtering
    - Support snaps to manage their own cgroups
    - Add support for AppArmor 4.0 unconfined profile mode
    - Add AppArmor based read access to /etc/default/keyboard
    - Upgrade to squashfuse 0.5.0
    - Support useradd utility to enable removing Perl dependency for
    - Support for recovery-chooser to use console-conf snap
    - Add support for --uid/--gid using strace-static
    - Add support for notices (from pebble) and expose via the snapd
      REST API endpoints /v2/notices and /v2/notice
    - Add polkit authentication for snapd REST API endpoints
      /v2/snaps/{snap}/conf and /v2/apps
    - Add refresh-inhibit field to snapd REST API endpoint /v2/snaps
    - Add refresh-inhibited select query to REST API endpoint /v2/snaps
    - Take into account validation sets during remodeling
    - Improve offline remodeling to use installed revisions of snaps to
      fulfill the remodel revision requirement
    - Add rpi configuration option sdtv_mode
    - When snapd snap is not installed, pin policy ABI to 4.0 or 3.0 if
      present on host
    - Fix gadget zero-sized disk mapping caused by not ignoring zero
      sized storage traits
    - Fix gadget install case where size of existing partition was not
      correctly taken into account
    - Fix trying to unmount early kernel mount if it does not exist
    - Fix restarting mount units on snapd start
    - Fix call to udev in preseed mode
    - Fix to ensure always setting up the device cgroup for base bare
      and core24+
    - Fix not copying data from newly set homedirs on revision change
    - Fix leaving behind empty snap home directories after snap is
      removed (resulting in broken symlink)
    - Fix to avoid using libzstd from host by adding to snapd snap
    - Fix autorefresh to correctly handle forever refresh hold
    - Fix username regex allowed for system-user assertion to not allow
    - Fix incorrect application icon for notification after autorefresh
    - Fix to restart mount units when changed
    - Fix to support AppArmor running under incus
    - Fix case of snap-update-ns dropping synthetic mounts due to
      failure to match  desired mount dependencies
    - Fix parsing of base snap version to enable pre-seeding of Ubuntu
      Core Desktop
    - Fix packaging and tests for various distributions
    - Add remoteproc interface to allow developers to interact with
      Remote Processor Framework which enables snaps to load firmware to
      ARM Cortex microcontrollers
    - Add kernel-control interface to enable controlling the kernel
      firmware search path
    - Add nfs-mount interface to allow mounting of NFS shares
    - Add ros-opt-data interface to allow snaps to access the host
      /opt/ros/ paths
    - Add snap-refresh-observe interface that provides refresh-app-
      awareness clients access to relevant snapd API endpoints
    - steam-support interface: generalize Pressure Vessel root paths and
      allow access to driver information, features and container
    - steam-support interface: make implicit on Ubuntu Core Desktop
    - desktop interface: improved support for Ubuntu Core Desktop and
      limit autoconnection to implicit slots
    - cups-control interface: make autoconnect depend on presence of
      cupsd on host to ensure it works on classic systems
    - opengl interface: allow read access to /usr/share/nvidia
    - personal-files interface: extend to support automatic creation of
      missing parent directories in write paths
    - network-control interface: allow creating /run/resolveconf
    - network-setup-control and network-setup-observe interfaces: allow
      busctl bind as required for systemd 254+
    - libvirt interface: allow r/w access to /run/libvirt/libvirt-sock-
      ro and read access to /var/lib/libvirt/dnsmasq/**
    - fwupd interface: allow access to IMPI devices (including locking
      of device nodes), sysfs attributes needed by amdgpu and the COD
      capsule update directory
    - uio interface: allow configuring UIO drivers from userspace
    - serial-port interface: add support for NXP Layerscape SoC
    - lxd-support interface: add attribute enable-unconfined-mode to
      require LXD to opt-in to run unconfined
    - block-devices interface: add support for ZFS volumes
    - system-packages-doc interface: add support for reading jquery and
      sphinx documentation
    - system-packages-doc interface: workaround to prevent autoconnect
      failure for snaps using base bare
    - microceph-support interface: allow more types of block devices to
      be added as an OSD
    - mount-observe interface: allow read access to
      /proc/{pid}/task/{tid}/mounts and proc/{pid}/task/{tid}/mountinfo
    - polkit interface: changed to not be implicit on core because
      installing policy files is not possible
    - upower-observe interface: allow stats refresh
    - gpg-public-keys interface: allow creating lock file for certain
      gpg operations
    - shutdown interface: allow access to SetRebootParameter method
    - media-control interface: allow device file locking
    - u2f-devices interface: support for Trustkey G310H, JaCarta U2F,
      Kensington VeriMark Guard, RSA DS100, Google Titan v2

 -- Ernest Lotter <email address hidden>  Thu, 21 Mar 2024 22:06:09 +0200

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golang-github-snapcore-snapd-dev: snappy development go packages.

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golang-github-ubuntu-core-snappy-dev: transitional dummy package

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snap-confine: Transitional package for snapd

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snapd: Daemon and tooling that enable snap packages

 Install, configure, refresh and remove snap packages. Snaps are
 'universal' packages that work across many different Linux systems,
 enabling secure distribution of the latest apps and utilities for
 cloud, servers, desktops and the internet of things.
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snapd-dbgsym: debug symbols for snapd
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