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stress-ng (0.09.26-1) unstable; urgency=medium

  * Makefile: bump version
  * Remove TARGET_CLONES on some functions that break on gcc 7.2 on
  * Use nanosleep where possible for usleep, add nanosleep check
  * stress-dev: move wfds to select local scope to fix NetBSD warning
  * stress-dev: NetBSD hangs on select on some devices, so disable this
  * stress-dev: pass child failure status to parent
  * stress-dev: fix warning on char being passed to isdigit on NetBSD
  * stress-dev: NetBSD uses different sorting prototype
  * stress-sigio: don't do fcntl F_SETOWN for minix, it always fails
  * stress-sigio: fix hang in *BSD systems when we SIGALRM not handled
  * stress-sigio: exit in sighandler to force earlier termination
  * stress-sigio: add yield points to break out of heavy looping
  * shim: cater for systems that don't have mlock
  * stress-utime: check HAVE_FUTIMENS for declaration of ts
  * test/test-mq-posix: mq_* is defined but not implemented on kfreeBSD
  * test/test-syncfs: syncfs is defined but not implemented on kfreeBSD
  * stress-dirdeep: use HAVE_FUTIMENS
  * Makefile.comfig: fix typo in funtimens
  * test/test-futimens: check also for UTIME_NOW and UTIME_OMIT
  * Add build time check for futimens
  * test/test-dup3: trigger failure with FreeBSD kernel
  * stress-zlib: fix longjmp clobber warnings on data
  * stress-revio: make alloc_buf void * to avoid type punning warnings
    on gcc 3.4.3
  * stress-hdd: make alloc_buf void * to avoid type punning warnings on
    gcc 3.4.3
  * Add shim wrapper for mlock for Solaris compat reasons
  * stress-fanotify: peek into number of bytes to be read with FIONREAD
  * stress-crypt: include <crypt.h> if on Solaris
  * stress-enosys: avoid warning on unused procs on Solaris
  * stress-sysbadaddr.c: avoid warning on unused procs on Solaris
  * stress-sysbadaddr.c: include termios.h for TCGETS
  * stress-vm-segv: remove debug, it is spamming the output
  * stress-sysbadaddr: don't use ustat if it is not defined
  * stress-sysbadaddr: ensure we have PTRACE_GETREGS defined
  * Workaround failing pthread spinlock on DragonFly BSD
  * stress-dev: add /dev/null nop to have at least one item in table
  * stress-wait: use HAVE_WAITID to check for waitid() call
  * stress-sysbadaddr + Makefile.config: Add HAVE_WAITID check
  * stress-sysbadaddr: fix conditional build on bad_clock_gettime
  * stress-sysbadaddr: use mincore shim to fix build on GNU/Hurd
  * stress-sysbadaddr: ensure TCGETS is defined
  * stress-file-ioctl: fix a file handle leak
  * Add sysbadaddr stressor to exercise system call bad address handling
  * stress-mmap: use new MAP_FIXED_NOREPLACE flag introduced in 4.17
  * stress-clock: add CLOCK_MONOTONIC_ACTIVE that was added to Linux 4.17
  * stress-oom-pipe: Explicitly drop capabilities to make root spawned
    processes more OOMable
  * Explicitly drop capabilities to make root spawned processes more
  * helper: remove some blank lines
  * stress-dev: add linux stress for /dev/{mem|kmem|port|kmsg}
  * stress-vm-segv: don't assume max size of size_t
  * stress-vm-segv: ensure we force SEGVs by invalidating I$ cache
  * Add --vm-segv option to force SEGVs on unmapping
  * stress-fork: make it more OOMable
  * stress-clone: make clone'd procs OOMable
  * make main process less likely to be OOM-able
  * snapcraft: add libsctp-dev
  * stress-tree: rename BSD trees to fix build error on OpenBSD 6.3

 -- Colin King <email address hidden>  Fri, 27 Apr 2018 15:59:11 +0100

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Colin Ian King on 2018-04-27
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Colin Ian King
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stress-ng: tool to load and stress a computer

 stress-ng can stress various subsystems of a computer. It can stress load
 CPU, cache, disk, memory, socket and pipe I/O, scheduling and much more.
 stress-ng is a re-write of the original stress tool by Amos Waterland but
 has many additional features such as specifying the number of bogo operations
 to run, execution metrics, a stress verification on memory and compute
 operations and considerably more stress mechanisms.

stress-ng-dbgsym: debug symbols for stress-ng