texlive-bin 2007.dfsg.1-2ubuntu0.1 source package in Ubuntu


texlive-bin (2007.dfsg.1-2ubuntu0.1) hardy-security; urgency=low

  * SECURITY UPDATE: denial of service via buffer overflow
    - debian/patches/security-CVE-2009-1284.patch: check for pool overflow
      in build/source/texk/web2c/bibtex.ch.
    - CVE-2009-1284
  * SECURITY UPDATE: arbitrary code execution via memory corruption
    (LP: #537103)
    - debian/patches/security-CVE-2010-0827.patch: make sure name isn't
      too long in build/source/texk/dvipsk/virtualfont.c.
    - CVE-2010-0827
  * SECURITY UPDATE: arbitrary code execution via integer overflow
    - debian/patches/security-CVE-2010-0739,1440.patch: make sure numbytes
      doesn't overflow in build/source/texk/dvipsk/dospecial.c.
    - CVE-2010-0739
    - CVE-2010-1440
 -- Marc Deslauriers <email address hidden>   Mon, 03 May 2010 09:17:58 -0400

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Uploaded by:
Marc Deslauriers on 2010-05-03
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Ubuntu Development Team
Low Urgency

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texlive-bin_2007.dfsg.1-2ubuntu0.1.diff.gz 227.0 KiB 57916604c614689a01685a191e88258e
texlive-bin_2007.dfsg.1-2ubuntu0.1.dsc 1.3 KiB c99680c940f5ce0a8a637f923958b5e0

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Binary packages built by this source

libkpathsea-dev: TeX Live: path search library for TeX (development part)

 This package contains the static library and header files for the
 Kpathsea[rch] library.

libkpathsea4: TeX Live: path search library for TeX (runtime part)

 This package contains the runtime part of the Kpathsea[rch] library,
 which implements generic path searching, configuration, and
 TeX-specific file searching.

texlive-base-bin: TeX Live: Essential binaries

 These programs are regarded as basic for any TeX system.
 This package includes the following CTAN packages:
  bin-bibtex -- Bibliography management for LaTeX.
  bin-dialog -- Dialog: display dialog boxes in shell script.
  bin-dvipdfm -- A dvi-to-PDF driver.
  bin-dvipsk -- Convert DVI to Postscript - with KPSE search path.
  bin-etex -- The e-tex package.
  bin-getnonfreefonts -- getnonfreefonts script.
  bin-gsftopk -- No caption.
  bin-kpathsea -- Path searching library for TeX-related files.
  bin-makeindex -- Process index output to produce typesettable code.
  bin-metafont -- The Metafont program.
  bin-mfware -- mfware binaries.
  bin-pdftex -- Generate PDF from TeX directly.
  bin-tetex -- The TeX distribution for Unix/Linux.
  bin-tex -- The TeX engine binary.
  bin-texconfig -- The texconfig tool to administrate the TeX system.
  bin-xdvi -- A dvi previewer for the X Window System.
  bin-thumbpdf -- Thumbnails for pdfTeX and dvips/ps2pdf.
  bin-texdoc -- Documentation files for teTeX-texmf.

texlive-base-bin-doc: TeX Live: Documentation files for texlive-base-bin

 This package provides the documentation for texlive-base-bin

texlive-extra-utils: TeX Live: TeX auxiliary programs

 Various useful, but non-essential, support programs. Includes
 programs and macros for DVI file manipulation, literate programming,
 PerlTeX, patgen, etc.
 This package includes the following CTAN packages:
  cweb -- A system for Structured Software Documentation in C.
  mkind-english -- The mkind-english package.
  bin-bibtex8 -- Bibliography management for LaTeX.
  bin-ctie -- The TeX engine binary.
  bin-cweb -- Web litterate programming system for C, C++ and Java.
  bin-detex -- Filter to remove (La)TeX control sequences.
  bin-dtl -- The DTL (DVI Text Language) package.
  bin-dvicopy -- Copy DVI files while expanding VF's.
  bin-dviljk -- DVI driver for HP LaserJet printers.
  bin-patgen -- The TeX engine binary.
  bin-pdftools -- Support tools for PDF files.
  bin-seetexk -- The SeeTeXk DVI tools.
  bin-texware -- TeX support tools: dvitype, pooltype
  bin-tie -- The TeX engine binary.
  bin-tpic2pdftex -- Convert tpic \specials from (groff-)pic graphics for
   pdfTeX use.
  bin-vpe -- vpe script.
  bin-web -- Establishes a page layout for an on-screen (PDF) document.

texlive-font-utils: TeX Live: TeX font-related programs

 Programs for conversion between font formats, testing fonts
 (virtual fonts stuff, .gf and .pk manipulation,
 mft, fontinst, etc.)
 This package includes the following CTAN packages:
  fontinst -- Help with installing fonts for TeX and LaTeX.
  mft -- Literate metafonting
  bin-afm2pl -- AFM font metrics to TeX pl converter.
  bin-fontware -- Fontware binaries.
  bin-ps2pkm -- Type1 to PK converter.
  bin-ttfutils -- TTF support tools.

texlive-lang-indic: TeX Live: Indic

 Essential indic
 This package includes the following CTAN packages:
  bangtex -- Class files for writing Bangla and Asamese with LaTeX.
  bengali -- The bengali package.
  burmese -- Basic Support for Writing Burmese.
  ebong -- The ebong package.
  itrans -- Transliteration of Indian Languages.
  malayalam -- Fonts for typesetting Malayalam, with a pre-processor.
  omega-devanagari -- The omega-devanagari package.
  velthuis -- Typesetting Devanagari.
  wnri -- No caption.
  wntamil -- Tamil to TeX converter.
  bin-devnag -- Binaries for the Devnag preprocessor.
  bin-ebong -- Define LaTeX macros using Perl

texlive-metapost: TeX Live: MetaPost (and Metafont) drawing packages

 MetaPost (and Metafont) drawing packages
 This package includes the following CTAN packages:
  cmarrows -- The cmarrows package.
  emp -- "Encapsulate" MetaPost figures in a document.
  expressg -- Diagrams consisting of boxes, lines, and annotations.
  exteps -- The exteps package.
  featpost -- 3D MetaPost.
  hatching -- METAPOST macros for hatching interior of closed paths.
  latexmp -- Interface for LaTeX-based typesetting in MetaPost
  metaobj -- Metapost package providing high-level objects.
  metaplot -- Plot-manipulation macros for use in Metapost.
  metapost -- A development of Metafont that generates PostScript output.
  metauml -- The metauml package.
  mfpic -- Draw Metafont/Post pictures from LaTeX commands.
  mp3d -- The mp3d package.
  mpattern -- Patterns in MetaPost.
  piechartmp -- Draw pie-charts using MetaPost.
  roex -- A MetaFont-PostScript link.
  slideshow -- The slideshow package.
  splines -- The splines package.
  textpath -- The textpath package.
  bin-metapost -- No caption.

texlive-metapost-doc: TeX Live: Documentation files for texlive-metapost

 This package provides the documentation for texlive-metapost

texlive-music: TeX Live: Music typesetting

 Music typesetting packages
 This package includes the following CTAN packages:
  abc -- The abc package.
  guitar -- Guitar chords and song texts.
  musictex -- Typesetting music with TeX.
  songbook -- Package for typesetting song lyrics.

texlive-omega: TeX Live: Omega

 Omega, a 16-bit extended TeX by John Plaice and Yannis Haralambous
 This package includes the following CTAN packages:
  antomega -- Alternative language support for omega/lambda.
  lambda -- LaTeX format based on the Omega engine.
  mxd -- The mxd package.
  mxedruli -- No caption.
  omega -- Omega.
  bin-aleph -- The Omega extended TeX engine.
  bin-omega -- Omega.
  bin-omegaware -- The Omega extended TeX engine.

texlive-xetex: TeX Live: XeTeX macros

 Macro files for XeTeX, Unicode-enabled TeX by Jonathan Kew.
 This package includes the following CTAN packages:
  euenc -- The euenc package.
  fontspec -- An automatic interface to feature-rich fonts in XeLaTeX.
  ifxetex -- The ifxetex package.
  philokalia -- The philokalia package.
  xetex -- The xetex package.
  xetexconfig -- non-graphics .cfg file overrides for XeTeX
  xetexurl -- url.sty patched for XeTeX
  xltxtra -- The xltxtra package.
  xunicode -- The xunicode package.
  bin-xetex -- Unicode-enabled TeX.