tickr 0.6.2-1~ubuntu11.04.1 source package in Ubuntu


tickr (0.6.2-1~ubuntu11.04.1) natty-backports; urgency=low

  * No-change backport to natty (LP: #1027173)

tickr (0.6.2-1) experimental; urgency=low

  * Non standard feed rank support in OPML file.

  * Add new optional 'feed re-ordering by user' feature.

  * Add in libetm-0.4.4/str_mem.c/h: (int) str_is_num(const char *) and
    (int) str_is_blank(const char *).

  * In feed picker win, 'enter' in (rank_/url_)entry launches 'add/upd'
    (GTK_RESPONSE_ADD) instead of 'ok (single)' (GTK_RESPONSE_SINGLE).

  * Question at program start-up about new feed list format conversion:
    if version = 0.6.2 and feed list exists and feed list backup doesn't
    exist, create backup and convert to new format.

  * In tickr_feedpicker.c: fix 'cancel' action.

  * New func FList *f_list_clone(FList *) in tickr_list/c/h.


  * In compute_surface_and_win(), remove:
      if (prm->icon_in_taskbar == 'n')
    from update_win_dims() (why was it there?) to fix 'tickr keeps
    stealing focus' bug. Also replace params_have_been_changed() with
    win_params_have_been_changed(). (LP: #900759, #951452, #1017107)

  * Fix (regression bug) segfault which occurs when opening text file
    and attempting to 'format_resource()' 'not-generated-if-resource-is-
    file' XML_DUMP_EXTRA file.

  * Libetm version 0.4.3 -> 0.4.4 (see below.)

  * Add get_appdata-dir_w() in libetm-0.4.4:win32_specific.c and
    get_appdata_dir_utf8() in tickr_resource.c to fix non-ascii (for
    instance cyrillic) user name in app data dir issue on win32.
    Also remove seemingly useless g_win32_locale_filename_from_utf8()
    stuff on win32.

  * If 'item title' and 'item description' both unchecked in pref win,
    warn about 'pointless' setup and ask for confirmation before saving

  * Add new TickerEnv member (int) mouse_x_in_drwa used to continuously
    tracks (guess what?) mouse x position. Now we have:
    - tooltips with descriptions when ticker displays only titles
    - tooltips with titles when ticker displays only descriptions.

  * Add fp_extra stuff in tickr_feedparser.c to get item titles /
    descriptions (in tooltips and others) when they are no displayed.

  * Remove tmp files when exiting tickr_resource.c:format_resource().

  * Add env->c_surf test in shift2left_callback(). (LP: #1011316)

tickr (0.6.1-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * Add: 'quick setup' thing (in tickr_quicksetup.c) which is launched
    at program startup if config file doesn't exist.

  * Little improvements in layout of 'feed picker win' and 'preferences

  * Fix a segfault that happens when trying to export params and no
    config file exists yet.

  * Make several windows that should not be resized by user, unresizable.

  * Fix Launchpad bug #1007346: When 'window always-on-top' is disabled,
    'visible on all user desktops' stops working.

  * If mouse wheel scrolling applies to speed (or feed), then Ctrl +
    mouse wheel scrolling applies to feed (or speed.)

  * No real code changes in libetm, only in comments, so no need for a
    new version number.

  * Update tickr_helptext.c and tickr.1 (man page.)

  * Add new cli option 'no-ui' (similar to 'instance-id') used by new
    IF_UI_ALLOWED macro and remove all #if USE_GUI occurences.

  * In tickr_list.c, free listfname before using it. Fixed by swapping 2
      warning(FALSE, 4, "Can't save URL list ", listfname, ...);

  * Use/add #define
      FONT_MAXLEN		68
    to replace a few 'magic' numeric values.

  * Rename: rss_title/description(_delimiter) ->
    then add new param: feed_title(_delimiter). Now we have:
    feed title / item title / item description.

  * Use table in resource properties window.

  * Fix a bug in f_list_load_from_file() in tickr_list.c which
    uncorrectly retrieves any feed title string containing TITLE_TAG_CHAR
    when TITLE_TAG_CHAR has not been removed from string first, for
    instance: 'NYT > World' -> ' World'.

  * New param: disable left-click.

  * Add 'check for updates' feature.

  * Launch 'import OPML file' if feed list doesn't exist.

  * Remove code changing get_params()->disable_popups value in
    macros which prevents this setting to be saved and add
    new macros. Which ones to use depends on context.

  * Move:
      #ifdef G_OS_WIN32
      extern FILE	*stdout_fp, *stderr_fp;
    from *.c into tickr.h.

  * Default always-on-top setting changed to 'n' (so that tickr is not
    intrusive by default.)

tickr (0.6.0-2) unstable; urgency=low

  * Complete quick_feed_picker() stuff in tickr_quickfeedpicker.c.

  * Swap win32 log files every hour to prevent generating huge ones.
    Finally fix an old bug on win32.

  * Several little improvements/fixes in tickr_feedpicker.c.

  * New type FList (feed doubly-linked list) and associated functions
    f_list_*() in tickr_list.c. Will replace confusing: char url_array[] /
    char *p_url[] / char **p_url stuff in: tickr_main.c, tickr_feedpicker.c,
    tickr_opml.c and tickr_resource.c.

  * Renaming 2 src files:
    - tickr_rss.c -> tickr_feedparser.c
    - tickr_rsswin.c -> tickr_feedpicker.c

  * Add new func: win_with_progress_bar() (in tickr_otherwins.c) and use
    it in feed list import thing (in tickr_opml.c) instead of
    not-spinning-as-expected win_with_spinner().

  * When opening the feed picker dialog, highlight and scroll to current
    feed, plus several extra fixes and tweaks (in tickr_rsswin.c.)

  * Add new func: highlight_and_go_to_row() (in tickr_quickfeedpicker.c.)

  * Add new func: get_feed_index_in_selection() (in tickr_resource.c.)

  * Add new module and func: tickr_quickfeedpicker.c: quick_feed_picker().

  * Add new func: question_win_at().

  * Move 'Import/Export Preferences' from 'File' to 'Edit' in menu layout.

  * Check/improve tickr_socket.c code and move typedefs, prototypes,
    error codes, ... for tickr_socket.c into tickr_socket.h for
    modularity sake.

  * Pause tickr (on mouse-over AND) when popup menu is opened.

  * Change big_error() function (and prototype in libetm-0-4.3) to
    handle variable number of args / change warning() the same way.

  * Add new func: try_str_to_utf8() in tickr_rss.c
    -> try to fix string when utf-8 validation fails.

  * Add new func: remove_trailing_whitespaces_from_str(char *) in


  * Change main window title:
    'app name and version num  |  feed title / file name'
    'feed title / file name  |  app name and version num'

  * In libetm-0.4.3:
    - Compile with win32_specific.c only on win32 (fix empty unit
    - get_libetm_version() (function name modified.)

  * Fix a typo in debian/control Build-Depends:
    'debhelper (>= 7.O.50~)' instead of 'debhelper (>= 7.0.50~)'
    which only shows up when trying to build for Lucid.

  * Split tickr_http.c into tickr_http.c and tickr_socket.c.

  * libetm-0.4.2 -> libetm-0.4.3:
    Replace KB, MB, GB, TB with KiB, MiB, GiB, TiB.
 -- Micah Gersten <email address hidden>   Sun, 02 Sep 2012 02:09:26 -0500

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Micah Gersten on 2012-09-02
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Emmanuel Thomas-Maurin
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