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Timothy Miller (theosib) wrote :

A few references to start off with:

This is just a smattering of the RAID-related problems with Ubuntu.

Linux software RAID has long been touted as being top-quality, nearly comparable to hardware RAID in performance, and, in many ways, superior to some hardware RAID in reliability. Additionally, Ubuntu's partman makes it relatively easy to set up software RAID in a menu-driven interface. There is, therefore, no reason why software RAID should take a back seat to other issues, when it directly relates to fundamental system robustness and reliability. We should want people to use Ubuntu Linux for RAID setups, because we want people who need RAID to want to use Ubuntu.

When I first switched to Ubuntu, I tried to install Edgy. Unfortunately, that didn't go well. The installer kept hanging up, and I was never able to proceed. Then I tried Dapper. That seemed to go very well, until I did some very basic tests and investigation, and found that while I did indeed have software RAID1 working, the installer had set up the system so that the loss of the primary disk would mean effective total data loss for both disks. I had to manually reconfigure menu.lst and install GRUB properly to get my system set up right.

This incomplete attention to software RAID inherent in Ubuntu has me worried. I would like to be able to upgrade to Edgy when it comes out, but I am concerned that it'll leave my system in an unusable state. So I asked in the forums, and I got a response from one poor unfortunate person who did indeed try to upgrade to Edgy on a RAID setup. I quote from "":

> Edgy broke my RAID0 config (which wasn't quick to setup).
> It has left me without X, without the interweb, and without a kernel that loads.
> Before taking the plunge, I seeked advice from those on
> #ubuntu+1 and #xubuntu I was assured that the RAID would not be affected
> and the entire dist-upgrade would be smooth and painless. Baloney.
> Funny how everyone was so keen to push Edgy and make the claim that
> RAID is untouched. I even pasted the link to the original how-to I followed
> to set up the fakeraid. But after going back to the channels for help with
> a broken install, the general consensus is that "oh, can't help you, never
> used RAID before".
> Frustrating to say the least. Think twice, RAID users, think twice.

I would like to plead with Ubuntu developers to PLEASE address these issues.