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  • xubuntu-docs (17.04) zesty; urgency=medium
      [ flocculant ]
      * Changes to contributor docs.
      [ Krytarik Raido ]
      * Syntax, formatting, typo, and wording fixes.
      [ Pasi Lallinaho ]
      * Improvements for contributor docs:
        - Update the tracker description (and more importantly, link)
          in the important places section.
        - Update the entity file with the new status tracker link.
        - Move all QA related material under one section in the Subteam documentation
        - Do some id cleanup/consistency fixes as well as improve some titles
        - Add a mechanism to show subsections under subteam documentation sections
          in the ToC (sect1)
        - Chunk each section/sect1 to a separate file (use simplesect to bundle),
          unless the <?dbhtml stop-chunking?> tag is used
        - Add documentation for the documentation team
        - Control which elements get a ToC printed with them
      * General fixes:
        - Update copyright year for both user and contributor documentation
        - Fix icon placement inside notes etc.
        - Update development release entity
        - Clean up the header navigation template
      * Fix invalidity created by the reorganization:
        - No longer use <sect1>, instead use <section role="toc">
        - Don't use <simplesect> when any content would follow it
        - Update documentation regarding these changes
      * Update the startpage to be release-agnostic
      * Synchronize translations from Launchpad manually
      [ Unit 193 ]
      * d/copyright:
        - Update years.
        - Switch to https on the format url.
      * d/control:
        - Update maintainer to Xubuntu Documentation Team <email address hidden>
        - Drop versioned depend on coreutils.
      * Update standards-version to 3.9.8.
     -- Unit 193 <email address hidden>  Thu, 06 Apr 2017 19:54:40 -0400