Binary package “fig2dev” in ubuntu bionic

Utilities for converting XFig figure files

 This package contains utilities (mainly fig2dev) to handle XFig
 (Facility for Interactive Generation of figures) files.
 It can convert files produced by xfig to box, cgm, dxf, epic, eepic,
 eepicemu, emf, eps, gbx, ge, gif, ibmgl, jpeg, latex, map (HTML image
 map), mf (MetaFont), mp (MetaPost), mmp (Multi-Meta-Post), pcx, pdf,
 pdftex, pdftex_t, pic, pict2e, pictex, png, ppm, ps, pstex, pstex_t,
 pstricks, ptk (Perl/tk), shape, sld (AutoCad slide format), svg,
 textyl, tiff, tikz, tk (Tcl/Tk), tpic, xbm and xpm.