Binary package “resource-agents” in ubuntu bionic

Cluster Resource Agents

 This package contains cluster resource agents (RAs) compliant with the Open
 Cluster Framework (OCF) specification, used to interface with various services
 in a High Availability environment managed by the Pacemaker resource manager.
 Agents included:
  AoEtarget: Manages ATA-over-Ethernet (AoE) target exports
  AudibleAlarm: Emits audible beeps at a configurable interval
  CTDB: CTDB Resource Agent
  ClusterMon: Runs crm_mon in the background, recording the cluster status to...
  Delay: Waits for a defined timespan
  Dummy: Example stateless resource agent
  EvmsSCC: Manages EVMS Shared Cluster Containers (SCCs) (deprecated)
  Evmsd: Controls clustered EVMS volume management
  Filesystem: Manages filesystem mounts
  ICP: Manages an ICP Vortex clustered host drive
  IPaddr: Manages virtual IPv4 addresses (portable version)
  IPaddr2: Manages virtual IPv4 and IPv6 addresses (Linux specific version)
  IPsrcaddr: Manages the preferred source address for outgoing IP packets
  IPv6addr: Manages IPv6 aliases
  LVM: Controls the availability of an LVM Volume Group
  LVM-activate: This agent activates/deactivates logical volumes.
  LinuxSCSI: Enables and disables SCSI devices through the
  MailTo: Notifies recipients by email in the event of resource takeover
  ManageRAID: Manages RAID devices
  ManageVE: Manages an OpenVZ Virtual Environment (VE)
  NodeUtilization: Node Utilization
  Pure-FTPd: Manages a Pure-FTPd FTP server instance
  Raid1: Manages Linux software RAID (MD) devices on shared storage
  Route: Manages network routes
  SAPDatabase: Manages a SAP database instance as an HA resource.
  SAPInstance: Manages a SAP instance as an HA resource.
  SendArp: Broadcasts unsolicited ARP announcements
  ServeRAID: Enables and disables shared ServeRAID merge groups
  SphinxSearchDaemon: Manages the Sphinx search daemon.
  Squid: Manages a Squid proxy server instance
  Stateful: Example stateful resource agent
  SysInfo: Records various node attributes in the CIB
  VIPArip: Manages a virtual IP address through RIP2
  VirtualDomain: Manages virtual domains through the libvirt virtualization f...
  WAS: Manages a WebSphere Application Server instance
  WAS6: Manages a WebSphere Application Server 6 instance
  WinPopup: Sends an SMB notification message to selected hosts
  Xen: Manages Xen unprivileged domains (DomUs)
  Xinetd: Manages a service of Xinetd
  ZFS: Manages ZFS pools
  anything: Manages an arbitrary service
  apache: Manages an Apache Web server instance
  asterisk: Manages an Asterisk PBX
  aws-vpc-move-ip: Move IP within a APC of the AWS EC2
  aws-vpc-route53: Update Route53 VPC record for AWS EC2
  awseip: Amazon AWS Elastic IP Address Resource Agent
  awsvip: Amazon AWS Secondary Private IP Address Resource Agent
  azure-lb: Answers Azure Load Balancer health probe requests
  clvm: clvmd
  conntrackd: This resource agent manages conntrackd
  db2: Resource Agent that manages an IBM DB2 LUW databases in Standard role ...
  dhcpd: Chrooted ISC DHCP server resource agent.
  dnsupdate: IP take-over via dynamic DNS update
  docker: Docker container resource agent.
  eDir88: Manages a Novell eDirectory directory server
  ethmonitor: Monitors network interfaces
  exportfs: Manages NFS exports
  fio: fio IO load generator
  galera: Manages a galara instance
  garbd: Manages a galera arbitrator instance
  iSCSILogicalUnit: Manages iSCSI Logical Units (LUs)
  iSCSITarget: iSCSI target export agent
  ids: Manages an Informix Dynamic Server (IDS) instance
  iface-bridge: Manages Bridge network interfaces.
  iface-vlan: Manages VLAN network interfaces.
  iscsi: Manages a local iSCSI initiator and its connections to iSCSI targets
  jboss: Manages a JBoss application server instance
  kamailio: Resource agent for Kamailio
  ldirectord: Wrapper OCF Resource Agent for ldirectord
  lvmlockd: This agent manages the lvmlockd daemon
  lxc: Manages LXC containers
  minio: OCF Resource Agent compliant Minio server script.
  mysql: Manages a MySQL database instance
  mysql-proxy: Manages a MySQL Proxy instance
  nagios: Nagios resource agent
  named: Manages a named server
  nfsnotify: sm-notify reboot notifications
  nfsserver: Manages an NFS server
  nginx: Manages an Nginx web/proxy server instance
  oraasm: Oracle ASM resource agent
  oracle: Manages an Oracle Database instance
  oralsnr: Manages an Oracle TNS listener
  ovsmonitor: Monitors ovs bonding bonds
  pgagent: Controls pgagent
  pgsql: Manages a PostgreSQL database instance
  pingd: Monitors connectivity to specific hosts or
  portblock: Block and unblocks access to TCP and UDP ports
  postfix: Manages a highly available Postfix mail server instance
  pound: Manage a Pound instance
  proftpd: OCF Resource Agent compliant FTP script.
  rabbitmq-cluster: rabbitmq clustered
  redis: Redis server
  rkt: rkt container resource agent.
  rsyncd: Manages an rsync daemon
  rsyslog: rsyslog resource agent
  scsi2reservation: scsi-2 reservation
  sfex: Manages exclusive access to shared storage using Shared Disk File EXc...
  slapd: Manages a Stand-alone LDAP Daemon (slapd) instance
  symlink: Manages a symbolic link
  syslog-ng: Syslog-ng resource agent
  tomcat: Manages a Tomcat servlet environment instance
  varnish: Manage a Varnish instance
  vmware: Manages VMWare Server 2.0 virtual machines
  vsftpd: Manages an vsftpd
  zabbixserver: Zabbix server resource agent

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