Binary package “ztex-bmp” in ubuntu bionic

universal macro processor

 bmp (for babel universal macro processor) is a powerful general purpose
 macro processor that can be used in combination with many languages,
 e.g. Pascal or C. Projects comprising many different languages,
 can this way share a single mechanism to adjust parameters across
 all their code base. Developers with C background will be reminded
 of the functionality of cpp or m4, and those fluent in UNIX will also
 see similarities to sed.
 bmp was developed as a part of the ZTEX EZ-USB SDK and is used to
 assemble the firmware for EZ-USB micro controllers. It is not associated
 in any way with D. Knuth's typesetting system. When run as a standalone
 application, it is as versatile as to serve as a parser or to perform
 some non-trivial text replacements.