make binary package in Ubuntu Bionic i386

 GNU Make is a utility which controls the generation of executables
 and other target files of a program from the program's source
 files. It determines automatically which pieces of a large program
 need to be (re)created, and issues the commands to (re)create
 them. Make can be used to organize any task in which targets (files)
 are to be automatically updated based on input files whenever the
 corresponding input is newer --- it is not limited to building
 computer programs. Indeed, Make is a general purpose dependency

Publishing history

Date Status Target Pocket Component Section Priority Phased updates Version
  2018-04-20 03:08:19 UTC Published Ubuntu Bionic i386 release main devel Optional 4.1-9.1ubuntu1
  • Published
  • Copied from ubuntu bionic-proposed i386 in Primary Archive for Ubuntu
  Deleted Ubuntu Bionic i386 proposed main devel Optional 4.1-9.1ubuntu1
  • Removal requested .
  • Deleted by Ubuntu Archive Robot

    moved to release

  • Published
  2018-04-20 03:08:20 UTC Superseded Ubuntu Bionic i386 release main devel Optional 4.1-9.1
  • Removed from disk .
  • Removal requested .
  • Superseded by i386 build of make-dfsg 4.1-9.1ubuntu1 in ubuntu bionic PROPOSED
  • Published
  • Copied from ubuntu zesty-proposed i386 in Primary Archive for Ubuntu