Binary package “cm-super-minimal” in ubuntu cosmic

TeX font package (minimal version) with CM/EC in Type1 in T1, T2*, TS1, X2 enc

 This package ships the 10pt version of the various fonts. For the full
 set please install cm-super.
 The CM-Super package contains Type 1 fonts converted from METAFONT
 fonts and covers entire EC/TC, EC Concrete, EC Bright and LH fonts
 (Computer Modern font families). All European and Cyrillic writings
 are covered. Each Type 1 font program contains ALL glyphs from the
 following standard LaTeX font encodings: T1, TS1, T2A, T2B, T2C, X2,
 and also Adobe StandardEncoding (585 glyphs per non-SC font and 468
 glyphs per SC font), and could be reencoded to any of these encodings
 using standard dvips or pdftex facilities (the corresponding support
 files are also included).