Binary package “librenaissance0-dev” in ubuntu dapper

GNUstep GUI Framework - development file.

GNUstep GUI Framework - development file
 Renaissance is a GNUstep develoment framework which runs on top of the
 GNUstep libraries. It also works on top of the Apple Mac OS X Cocoa
 libraries, providing an opaque layer to write portable applications.
 GNUstep Renaissance allows you to describe your user interface in simple
 and intuitive XML files, using an open, standard format describing the
 logic of the interface. At run-time, GNUstep Renaissance will then
 generate the user interfaces (using the native host OpenStep-like libraries)
 by reading the XML files. The connections between the objects created
 from the XML files, and the other objects in the application are done
 via outlets (as traditionally in OpenStep); a new quick and intuitive
 syntax has been developed to make creating outlets as easy as possible.