Change logs for postgresql source package in Dapper

  • postgresql ( dapper; urgency=low
      * Fake sync from Debian to get bug fixes for the transition to the new
        architecture (only affects upgrades from Hoary, though).
    postgresql (7.5.16) unstable; urgency=low
      * Bump Standards-Version.
      * Start cluster after library path adaption in postgresql.conf, not before.
      * Migrate custom settings in postgresql.env and postmaster.conf to the new
        environment file. Closes: #340166
      * debian/control: Bump postgresql-common dependency to 40, which supports
        environment file handling.
      * test-psql-transition: Use set +e after the actual transition to be able to
        examine status even after failures.
      * Create a fake postgresql.conf in preinst and remove it in postinst again,
        now that postgresql-common actually checks for the existance of it to
        decide whether to create a cluster.
     -- Martin Pitt <email address hidden>   Sat, 25 Feb 2006 12:40:50 +0100
  • postgresql (7.5.15) unstable; urgency=high
      * Urgency high since this bug broke upgrades from Sarge.
      * debian/postgresql.preinst: Stop postmaster so that it really is not
        running during the transition. 
      * Add test-psql-transition: Test script that uses pbuilder to test the
        upgrade from Sarge to the new infrastructure. This is not shipped.
     -- Martin Pitt <email address hidden>  Thu, 29 Dec 2005 15:47:22 +0100
  • postgresql (7.5.14) unstable; urgency=medium
      * Urgency medium, this upload just fixes a bug that will break sarge
        upgrades with postgresql-common 38.
      * debian/postgresql.postinst: Drop the obsolete -s from the pg_ctlcluster
     -- Martin Pitt <email address hidden>  Wed, 28 Dec 2005 15:06:38 +0100
  • postgresql (7.5.13) unstable; urgency=high
      * Urgency high since the only change is a simple bug fix.
      * Fix the path of the symlink. (Brown paperbag...).
        Closes: #337514
     -- Martin Pitt <email address hidden>  Sat,  5 Nov 2005 08:11:18 -0500