Binary package “libbot-basicbot-pluggable-perl” in ubuntu disco

extended simple IRC bot for pluggable modules

 Bot::BasicBot::Pluggable started as Yet Another Infobot replacement,
 but now is a generalized framework for writing infobot-type bots that
 lets you keep each specific function separate. You can have separate modules
 for factoid tracking, 'seen' status, karma, googling, etc.
 Included default modules are:
  Auth - user authentication and main access.
  DNS - host lookup (e.g. nslookup and dns).
  Google - search Google for things.
  Infobot - handles infobot-style factoids.
  Join - joins and leaves channels.
  Karma - tracks the popularity of things.
  Loader - loads and unloads modules as bot commands.
  Seen - tells you when people were last seen.
  Title - gets the title of URLs mentioned in channel.
  Vars - changes module variables.