Binary package “libvips-doc” in ubuntu disco

image processing system good for very large ones (doc)

 VIPS is an image processing system designed with efficiency in mind.
 It is good with large images (ones that larger than the amount of RAM in
 your machine), and for working with colour. It can perform many
 image manipulation tasks much faster than other packages such as
 ImageMagick and the GIMP and includes some special features such as
 creating single "mosaic" images from multiple parts.
 VIPS consists of two main components: an image processing library
 with some command-line tools and a spreadsheet-like graphical user
 interface. The graphical interface is available in the nip2 package.
 This package includes complete documentation for the VIPS system. It
 includes the application programmers' guide, the library programmers'
 guide, the C++ programmers' guide, and the reference guide, as well
 as HTML versions of the program and library manual pages.