Binary package “mu-editor” in ubuntu disco

simple editor for beginner Python programmers

 Mu is a simple code editor for beginner programmers, based on extensive
 feedback from teachers and learners. Having said that, Mu is for anyone
 who wants to use a simple "no frills" editor.
 Mu is a modal editor with modes for:
  * standard Python 3 (including a graphical debugger)
  * the micro:bit's version of MicroPython
  * Adafruit's CircuitPython
  * Pygame Zero
 Some of the modes make available a REPL (either running on the connected
 CircuitPython or MicroPython device, or as a Jupyter-based iPython session
 in Python3 mode).
 This package contains the Mu editor. Detailed online user documentation
 and tutorials for the Mu editor are available from within the editor,
 or at

Published versions