Binary package “draai” in ubuntu eoan

Command-line music player for MPD

 Draai is a wrapper around mpc, making playing music from the commandline more
 enjoyable. mpc is a client for MPD, the Music Player Daemon. Using draai,
 one can play an audiofile (ogg, mp3, whatever your MPD offers), play all
 files in a predefined playlist, view details on current, past and future
 playing songs, skip to the next song, etc.
 The interface is purely command-line. No fancy gui's whatsoever. Draai
 consists of one zsh shell script, calling mpc.
 Main differences with mpc: draai supports smooth fadeouts, draai can be used
 as an alarmclock, draai supports rescheduling a track as the upcoming track,
 draai offers fancy status windows. When draai starts playing the next song
 it informs syslog about it, including all details about the song; a "tail -F"
 on syslog yields a nice playlist history. Like mpc, draai comes with full
 zsh tabcompletion support. The author uses draai for doing DJ sets in clubs.
 If you, like the author, are a Unix sysadmin who likes to play music, you'll
 like draai.
 Next to draai itself, the package installs some extra utilities for dealing
 with audio files.