Binary package “libnet-sftp-sftpserver-perl” in ubuntu eoan

Secure File Transfer Protocol Server

 Net::SFTP::SftpServer is a Perl port of sftp-server from OpenSSH
 providing access control on a per user and per command basis with
 improved logging via syslog.
 This version of the Net::SFTP::SftpServer Perl module currently
 implements SSH File Transfer Protocol version 3.
 The limitations compared with the OpenSSH implementation are as follows:
   - Only files and directories are dealt with - other inode types are not
     returned on readdir.
   - A virtual chroot is performed - / (rootfs) is treated as the users home
     directory from the client perspective and all file access to / will
     be in /<home_path>/<username>. The <home_path> is defined on object
     initialisation, it is not obtained from /etc/passwd.
   - All symlinked files or directories can be hidden and made inaccessible on
     request. Symlink returns "permission denied" then, readlink returns "file
     does not exist".
   - Setting of stats (set_stat or set_fstat) is disabled - the client will
     receive permission denied.
   - Permissions for files and dirs are defaulted - the defaults are set on
     object initialisation.