Binary package “libstrongswan” in ubuntu eoan

strongSwan utility and crypto library

 The strongSwan VPN suite uses the native IPsec stack in the standard
 Linux kernel. It supports both the IKEv1 and IKEv2 protocols.
 This package provides the underlying libraries of charon and other strongSwan
 components. It is built in a modular way and is extendable through various
 Some default (as specified by the strongSwan projet) plugins are included.
 For libstrongswan (cryptographic backends, URI fetchers and database layers):
  - aes (AES-128/192/256 cipher software implementation)
  - constraints (X.509 certificate advanced constraint checking)
  - dnskey (Parse RFC 4034 public keys)
  - fips-prf (PRF specified by FIPS, used by EAP-SIM/AKA algorithms)
  - gmp (RSA/DH crypto backend based on libgmp)
  - hmac (HMAC wrapper using various hashers)
  - md4 (MD4 hasher software implementation)
  - md5 (MD5 hasher software implementation)
  - mgf1 (Mask Generation Functions based on the SHA-1, SHA-256 and SHA-512)
  - nonce (Default nonce generation plugin)
  - pem (PEM encoding/decoding routines)
  - pgp (PGP encoding/decoding routines)
  - pkcs1 (PKCS#1 encoding/decoding routines)
  - pkcs8 (PKCS#8 decoding routines)
  - pkcs12 (PKCS#12 decoding routines)
  - pubkey (Wrapper to handle raw public keys as trusted certificates)
  - random (RNG reading from /dev/[u]random)
  - rc2 (RC2 cipher software implementation)
  - revocation (X.509 CRL/OCSP revocation checking)
  - sha1 (SHA1 hasher software implementation)
  - sha2 (SHA256/SHA384/SHA512 hasher software implementation)
  - sshkey (SSH key decoding routines)
  - x509 (Advanced X.509 plugin for parsing/generating X.509 certificates/CRLs
    and OCSP messages)
  - xcbc (XCBC wrapper using various ciphers)
  - attr (Provides IKE attributes configured in strongswan.conf)
  - kernel-netlink [linux] (IPsec/Networking kernel interface using Linux
  - kernel-pfkey [kfreebsd] (IPsec kernel interface using PF_KEY)
  - kernel-pfroute [kfreebsd] (Networking kernel interface using PF_ROUTE)
  - resolve (Writes name servers received via IKE to a resolv.conf file or
    installs them via resolvconf(8))