Binary package “libwiretap9” in ubuntu eoan

network packet capture library -- shared library

 Wiretap, part of the Wireshark project, is a library that allows one to
 read and write several packet capture file formats.
 Supported formats are:
  * Libpcap
  * Sniffer
  * LANalyzer
  * Network Monitor
  * "snoop"
  * "iptrace"
  * Sniffer Basic (NetXRay)/Windows Sniffer Pro
  * RADCOM WAN/LAN Analyzers
  * Lucent/Ascend access products
  * HP-UX nettl
  * Toshiba ISDN Router
  * ISDN4BSD "i4btrace" utility
  * Cisco Secure Intrusion Detection System iplogging facility
  * pppd logs (pppdump-format files)
  * DBS Etherwatch (text format)
  * Catapult DCT2000 (.out files)
 Wiretap's shortcomings are: no filter capability and no support for packet