Binary package “libnetx-java” in ubuntu focal

An open-source JNLP client

 Netx is a high-quality implementation of the Java Network Launching
 Protocol (JNLP). It downloads code over the network for applications
 and applets, caches it, and runs it in a secure environment.
 General Features of netx and JNLP:
  * Quality: Highest quality open-source JNLP client.
  * Modular: Easily add JNLP capabilities to any applications.
  * Security: Run code in a sandbox or log its activities.
  * Small Size: Loads from a ~130K JAR file.
  * Auto-Update: No special code needed to auto-update apps.
  * Fast startup: Runs code from a cache for fast starting.
  * Saves Memory: Supports running apps in a shared JVM.
  * No Browser: Runs apps and applets without a browser.
  * Web Based: No installers needed to deploy an application