Binary package “pulseaudio” in ubuntu focal

PulseAudio sound server

 PulseAudio, previously known as Polypaudio, is a sound server for POSIX and
 WIN32 systems. It is a drop in replacement for the ESD sound server with
 much better latency, mixing/re-sampling quality and overall architecture.
 These are some of PulseAudio's features:
   * High quality software mixing of multiple audio streams with support for
     more than one sink/source. May be used to combine multiple sound cards
     into one (with sample rate adjustment).
   * Wide range of supported client libraries. ESD, ALSA, oss, libao and
     GStreamer client applications are supported as-is. Native PulseAudio
     plug-ins are also available for xmms and mplayer.
   * Good low latency behaviour and very accurate latency measurement for
     playback and recording. Ability to fully synchronize multiple playback
   * Network transparency, allowing an application to play back or record
     audio on a different machine than the one it is running on.
   * Extensible plug-in architecture with plug-ins for jackd, multicast-rtp
     lirc and avahi, just to name a few.
 This package contains the daemon and basic module set.

Published versions