Binary package “svn-buildpackage” in ubuntu focal

helper programs to maintain Debian packages with Subversion

 svn-buildpackage (formerly svn-devscripts) contains tools that help to
 automate the task of maintaining Debian packages inside of a Subversion
 repository. They are intended to be used by Debian maintainers to simplify
 the error-prone actions with the svn, devscripts, and dpkg-dev utilities.
  - svn-inject: creates the initial directory structure of a
         Debian-SVN repository and imports existing packages
  - svn-upgrade: imports upstream changes into the upstream branch and
         updates the Debian trunk directory, merging and tagging as needed
  - svn-buildpackage: wrapper around dpkg-buildpackage (or other builders),
         exporting/merging/tagging source as needed
  - svn-do: exports a source, runs a command inside the exported source and,
         if the command succeeds, copies back the debian/ tree
  - uclean: removes redundant files from upstream source packages
 The package also includes a detailed HOWTO document.