liblog4j2-java 2.11.2-1 (amd64 binary) in ubuntu focal

 Apache Log4j 2 is an upgrade to Log4j that provides significant improvements
 over its predecessor, Log4j 1.x:
 API Separation: The API for Log4j is separate from the implementation making
 it clear for application developers which classes and methods they can use
 while ensuring forward compatibility.
 Improved Performance: Log4j 2 contains next-generation Asynchronous Loggers
 based on the LMAX Disruptor library. In multi-threaded scenarios Asynchronous
 Loggers have 10 times higher throughput and orders of magnitude lower latency
 than Log4j 1.x.
 Support for multiple APIs: While the Log4j 2 API will provide the best
 performance, Log4j 2 provides support for the SLF4J and Commons Logging APIs.
 Automatic Reloading of Configurations: Log4j 2 can automatically reload its
 configuration upon modification. It will do so without losing log events
 while reconfiguration is taking place.
 Advanced Filtering: Log4j 2 supports filtering based on context
 data, markers, regular expressions, and other components in the Log event.
 Filtering can be specified to apply to all events before being passed to
 Loggers or as they pass through Appenders.
 Plugin Architecture: Log4j uses the plugin pattern to configure components.
 As such, no code is needed to create and configure an Appender, Layout,
 Pattern Converter, and so on. Log4j automatically recognizes plugins
 and uses them when a configuration references them.
 Property Support: Properties can be referenced in a configuration, Log4j will
 directly replace them, or Log4j will pass them to an underlying component that
 will dynamically resolve them. Properties come from values defined in the
 configuration file, system properties, environment variables, the
 ThreadContext Map, and data present in the event.


Package version:
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