libdevmapper1.02.1 binary package in Ubuntu Focal riscv64

 The Linux Kernel Device Mapper is the LVM (Linux Logical Volume Management)
 Team's implementation of a minimalistic kernel-space driver that handles
 volume management, while keeping knowledge of the underlying device layout
 in user-space. This makes it useful for not only LVM, but software raid,
 and other drivers that create "virtual" block devices.
 This package contains the (user-space) shared library for accessing the
 device-mapper; it allows usage of the device-mapper through a clean,
 consistent interface (as opposed to through kernel ioctls).

Publishing history

Date Status Target Pocket Component Section Priority Phased updates Version
  2022-06-01 13:14:04 UTC Published Ubuntu Focal riscv64 proposed main libs Important 2:1.02.167-1ubuntu1.1
  • Published
  2021-07-02 16:38:56 UTC Published Ubuntu Focal riscv64 backports main libs Important 2:1.02.175-2ubuntu4~ubuntu20.04.1
  • Published
  2020-04-05 11:43:29 UTC Published Ubuntu Focal riscv64 release main libs Important 2:1.02.167-1ubuntu1
  • Published

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