Binary package “golang-golang-x-net-dev” in ubuntu groovy

Supplementary Go networking libraries

 Supplementary Go networking libraries ( not included in the
 main distribution:
   - context: Package context defines the Context type, which carries
     deadlines, cancellation signals, and other request-scoped values across API
     boundaries and between processes.
   - dict: Package dict implements the Dictionary Server Protocol as defined in
     RFC 2229.
   - html: Package html implements an HTML5-compliant tokenizer and parser.
   - html/atom: Package atom provides integer codes (also known as atoms) for a
     fixed set of frequently occurring HTML strings: tag names and attribute
     keys such as "p" and "id".
   - html/charset: Package charset provides common text encodings for HTML
   - icmp: Package icmp provides basic functions for the manipulation of
     messages used in the Internet Control Message Protocols, ICMPv4 and
   - idna: Package idna implements IDNA2008 (Internationalized Domain Names for
     Applications), defined in RFC 5890, RFC 5891, RFC 5892, RFC 5893 and RFC
   - internal/iana: Package iana provides protocol number resources managed by
     the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA).
   - internal/nettest: Package nettest provides utilities for IP testing.
   - ipv4: Package ipv4 implements IP-level socket options for the Internet
     Protocol version 4.
   - ipv6: Package ipv6 implements IP-level socket options for the Internet
     Protocol version 6.
   - netutil: Package netutil provides network utility functions, complementing
     the more common ones in the net package.
   - proxy: Package proxy provides support for a variety of protocols to proxy
     network data.
   - publicsuffix: Package publicsuffix provides a public suffix list based on
     data from
   - webdav: Package webdav.
   - websocket: Package websocket implements a client and server for the
     WebSocket protocol as specified in RFC 6455.
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