Binary package “mhc” in ubuntu hardy

Message Harmonized Calendaring system

 MHC is designed to help those who receive most appointments via email.
 Using MHC, you can easily import schedule articles from emails.
 MHC has following features:
  + Simple data structure allows you to manipulate stored data in many ways.
  + Appointments can be made to repeat in flexible ways.
  + powerful but simple expression of appointments.
  + Multiple User Interface such as commandline/emacs/GUI/Web.
    MHC currently has following interfaces:
    + Elisp package cooperative with Mew, Wanderlust or Gnus
        (popular MUA in the Emacs world)
 MHC stores schedule articles in the same form of MH; you can manipulate
 these messages not only by above tools but also by many other MUAs,
 editors, UNIX commandline tools or your own scripts.
  (in Japanese)