“apache2” 2.2.8-1 source package in The Hardy Heron

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PUBLISHED: Hardy pocket Release in component main and section web
  • Published on 2008-02-02



apache2 (2.2.8-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * New upstream version:
    - Fixes cross-site scripting issues in
      o mod_imagemap (CVE-2007-5000)
      o mod_status (CVE-2007-6388)
      o mod_proxy_balancer's balancer manager (CVE-2007-6421)
    - Fixes a denial of service issue in mod_proxy_balancer's balancer manager
    - Fixes mod_proxy URL encoding in error messages (closes: #337325).
    - Adds explicit charset to the output of various modules to work around
      possible cross-site scripting flaws affecting web browsers that do not
      derive the response character set as required by RFC2616. For
      mod_proxy_ftp there is now the new ProxyFtpDirCharset directive to
      specify something else than ISO-8859-1 (CVE-2008-0005).
    - Adds mod_substitute which performs inline response content pattern
      matching (including regex) and substitution (like mod_line_edit).
    - Adds "DefaultType none" option.
    - Adds new "B" option to RewriteRule to suppress URL unescaping.
    - Adds an "if" directive for mod_include to test whether an URL is
      accessible, and if so, conditionally display content.
    - Adds support for mod_ssl to the event MPM.
  * Move the configuration of User, Group, and PidFile to
    /etc/apache2/envvars. This makes it easier to use these settings in
    scripts. /etc/apache2/envvars can now also be used to influence apache2ctl
    (inspired by Marc Haber's patch).  (Closes: #349709, #460105, #458085)
  * Make apache2ctl check the configuration syntax before trying to restart
    apache, to match the behaviour documented in the man page.
    (Closes: #459236)
  * Convert docs to be directly viewable with a browser (and not use content
  * Add doc-base entry for the documentation. (closes: #311269)
  * Don't ship default files in /var/www, but copy a sample file to
    /var/www/index.html on new installs. Also remove the now unneeded
    RedirectMatch line from sites-available/default.
    (Closes: #411774, #458093)
  * Add some information to README.Debian (Apache wiki, default virtual host)
  * Build with LDFLAGS=-Wl,--as-needed to drop a lot of unnecessary
    dependencies, easing library transitions (closes: #458857).
  * Add icons for OpenDocuments, add sharutils to Build-Depends for uudecode.
    Patch by Nicolas Valcárcel. (Closes: #436441)
  * Add reportbug script to list enabled modules.
  * Fix some lintian warnings:
    - Pass --no-start to dh_installinit instead of omitting the debhelper token
      in various maintainer scripts. Also move the update-rc.d call to
    - Add Short-Description to init script.
  * Remove unused apache2-mpm-prefork.prerm from source package and clean up
    debian/rules a bit.
  * Don't ship NEWS.Debian with apache2-utils, as the contents are only
    relevant for the server.

 -- Mathias Gug <email address hidden>   Fri,  01 Feb 2008 16:24:43 +0000