Binary package “imaze-xaw” in ubuntu intrepid

multiplayer, 3D, labyrinth, run & shoot game (xaw client)

 iMaze is a multi-player network action game for TCP/IP with 3D graphics
 under X11.
 You run through a labyrinth and shoot everything that is round without being
 hit by other round anythings.
 Of course anything round is one of the following:
  - other players playing over the net
  - computer controlled ninjas
  - deadly shots (except your own)
 This package contains the xaw client. You need a server (contained in
 the imazesrv package) running somewhere to play.
 This game clones the Atari ST MidiMaze II multiplayer game, which used
 the Atari's MIDI ports to connect up to 16 players.