kalzium-kde4 binary package in Ubuntu Intrepid hppa

 Kalzium is a program which shows you the Periodic System of Elements
 (PSE). You can use Kalzium to search for information about the
 elements or to learn facts about the PSE.
 Kalzium provides you with all kinds of information about the PSE.
 You can look up lots of information about the elements and also use
 visualisations to show them.
 You can visualise the Periodic Table of the Elements by blocks,
 groups, acidic behavior or different states of matter. You can also
 plot data for a range of elements (weight, mean weight, density, IE1,
 IE2, electronegativity), and you can go back in time to see what
 elements were known at a given date. In addition, on platforms where
 OCaml supports native code generation, Kalzium includes a chemical
 equation solver.
 This package is part of KDE 4, as a component of the KDE 4 education module.
 See the 'kde4' and 'kdeedu-kde4' packages for more information.

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