Binary package “gr-satellites” in ubuntu jammy

Collection of satellite telemetry signal decoders

 This GNU Radio out-of-tree module can be used to decode frames
 transmitted from most Amateur satellites in orbit, performing
 demodulation, forward error correction, etc. Decoded frames can be
 saved to a file or displayed in hex format. For some satellites the
 telemetry format definition is included in gr-satellites, so the
 decoded telemetry frames can be printed out as human-readable values
 such as bus voltages and currents. Additionally, some satellites
 transmit files such as JPEG images. gr-satellites can be used to
 reassemble these files and even display the images in real-time as
 they are being received.
 It supports most popular protocols, such as AX.25, the GOMspace
 NanoCom U482C and AX100 modems, an important part of the CCSDS stack,
 the AO-40 protocol used in the FUNcube satellites, and several ad-hoc
 protocols used in other satellites.
 This package contains the header files and grc block definitions,
 and a set of satellite telemetry decoding scripts.