Binary package “lib2geom1.1.0” in ubuntu jammy

robust computational geometry framework -- shared library

 2Geom is a C++ 2D geometry library geared towards robust processing of
 computational geometry data associated with vector graphics. The primary
 design consideration is ease of use and clarity. It is dual-licensed
 under LGPL 2.1 and MPL 1.1.
 The library is descended from a set of geometric routines present in
 Inkscape, a vector graphics editor based around the Scalable Vector
 Graphics format, the most widespread vector graphics interchange format
 on the Web and a W3C Recommendation. Due to this legacy, not all parts
 of the API form a coherent whole (yet).
 Rendering is outside the scope of this library, and it is assumed
 something like libcairo or similar is employed for this. 2geom
 concentrates on higher level algorithms and geometric computations.
 This package contains the shared library.