Binary package “polkitd” in ubuntu jammy

framework for managing administrative policies and privileges

 PolicyKit is an application-level toolkit for defining and handling the policy
 that allows unprivileged processes to speak to privileged processes.
 It is a framework for centralizing the decision making process with respect to
 granting access to privileged operations for unprivileged (desktop)
 In a typical use of polkit, an unprivileged application such as gnome-disks
 sends requests via D-Bus or other inter-process communication mechanisms
 to a privileged system service such as udisks, which asks polkitd for
 permission to process those requests. This allows the application to carry
 out privileged tasks without making use of setuid, which avoids several
 common sources of security vulnerabilities.
 This package provides the polkitd D-Bus service and supporting programs.
 The pkexec program is not included, and can be found in the pkexec package.