Binary package “python-escript-doc” in ubuntu jammy

Documentation for Escript/Finley

 Escript is a programming tool for implementing mathematical models in Python
 using the finite element method (FEM). Because users do not access the data
 structures it is very easy to use and scripts can run on desktop computers as
 well as highly parallel supercomputer without changes. Application areas for
 escript include earth mantle convection, geophysical inversion, earthquakes,
 porous media flow, reactive transport, plate subduction, erosion, and
 Scripts can be executed in parallel (on varying numbers of threads or nodes)
 without any special modifications.
 Escript now includes the esys.downunder module for 3D inversion of geophysical
 data sets. The current version supports gravity, magnetic and joint inversion.
 This package contains the documentation for escript,
 including example scripts the user guide, the cookbook (an introduction from
 a geoscientists point of view) and a guide to the esys.downunder inversion