Binary package “r-cran-nfactors” in ubuntu jammy

GNU R analysis and solutions to the Cattell Scree test

 This GNU R package provides parallel analysis and non graphical
 solutions to the Cattell Scree Test.
 Indices, heuristics and strategies to help determine the number of
 factors/components to retain:
   1. Acceleration factor (af with or without Parallel Analysis);
   2. Optimal Coordinates (noc with or without Parallel Analysis);
   3. Parallel analysis (components, factors and bootstrap);
   4. lambda > mean(lambda) (Kaiser, CFA and related);
   5. Cattell-Nelson-Gorsuch (CNG);
   6. Zoski and Jurs multiple regression (b, t and p);
   7. Zoski and Jurs standard error of the regression coeffcient (sescree);
   8. Nelson R2;
   9. Bartlett khi-2;
  10. Anderson khi-2;
  11. Lawley khi-2 and
  12. Bentler-Yuan khi-2.