Binary package “kiax” in ubuntu jaunty

IAX VoIP softphone

 This is an IAX client application (a so called Softphone) which allows
 PC users to make ordinary VoIP calls to Asterisk servers, the same way
 as they do it with their hardware telephone. It aims to provide a simple
 and user-friendly graphical interface and desktop integration for calling,
 contact list, call register management and easy configuration.
 Kiax uses the Inter-Asterisk eXchange, or IAX (TM) Protocol, used as a
 native communication protocol between Asterisk PBX Servers. What is
 particularly good in it is that it requires only one UDP port per endpoint to
 create a successful communication channel for VoIP calls. This makes it much
 friendlier for users behind NAT, which is not the case with SIP and H.323 -
 they required specific router configurations for their channel establishment,
 thus hindering faster spread of VoIP on the home and corporate desktop.
 If you want the Asterisk Server, please install the asterisk package.