Binary package “afflib-tools” in ubuntu kinetic

Advanced Forensics Format Library (utilities)

 The Advanced Forensic Format (AFF) is on-disk format for storing
 computer forensic information. Critical features of AFF include:
  - AFF allows you to store both computer forensic data and associated
    metadata in one or more files.
  - AFF allows files to be digital signed, to provide for
    chain-of-custody and long-term file integrity.
  - AFF allows for forensic disk images to stored encrypted and
    decrypted on-the-fly for processing. This allows disk images
    containing privacy sensitive material to be stored on the Internet.
 This package provides the AFF Toolkit, that is a set of programs for
 working with computer forensic information. Using these tools you can:
  * Interconvert disk images between a variety of formats, including:
      - raw or "dd";
      - splitraw (in which a single image is split between multiple files);
      - AFF format (in which the entire disk image is stored in a single
      - AFD format (in which a disk image is stored in multiple AFF files
        stored in a single directory);
      - AFM format (in which an AFF file is used to annotate a raw file).
  * Compare disk images and report the data or metadata that is different.
  * Copy disk images from one location to another, with full verification
    of data, metadata, and the automatic generation of a chain-of-custody
  * Find errors in an AFF file and fix them.
  * Print information about a file.
  * Print detailed statistics about a file
  * Generate a XML representation of a disk image's metadata (for example,
    acquisition time or the serial number of the acquisition device).
  * Produce a XML "diskprint" which allows a disk image to be rapidly
    fingerprinted without having the computer the SHA1 of the entire
 The AFF Toolkit provides these executables: affcat, affcompare, affconvert,
 affcopy, affcrypto, affdiskprint, affinfo, affix, affrecover, affsegment,
 affsign, affstats, affuse, affverify and affxml.