Binary package “compiz-boxmenu” in ubuntu kinetic

Compiz Reloaded - daemon and clients providing pop-up menus

 Boxmenu provides a number of different menus to the compositing window
 manager Compiz and possibly to other window managers as well.
 It is composed of a daemon that caches the different menus from various
 sources, following desktop standards and a number of clients to ask
 the daemon for a specific type of menu, clients that can be bound to
 different key-chords and mouse events using the Compizconfig Settings
 The components are compiz-boxmenu, compiz-boxmenu-editor, a menu editor
 and compiz-boxmenu-{daemon,dlist,dplist,vplist,wlist}, where the
 specialized clients are respectively for recent documents, desktops,
 viewports and windows.